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From Christian Schlichtherle <>
Subject Re: Testing deployment with JMX interface
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2013 17:38:28 GMT
Hi Romain,

sorry, my fault: I am currently targeting Tomcat + OpenEJB. The apps to stop, redeploy and
start are primarily plain Servlet apps (no EJB dependencies).

I have tried to lookup the deployer EJB like this without success:

    EJBContainer cont = EJBContainer.createEJBContainer();
    Context ctx = cont.getContext();
    Deployer deployer = (Deployer) ctx.lookup("java:comp/env/openejb/Deployer");

Also, injection with @EJB did not work.


Am 19.08.2013 um 18:16 schrieb Romain Manni-Bucau <>:

> you doesn't give much details about you IT. Basically with arquillian no
> issues. With Container (in tomee-embedded you have deploy/undeploy methods.
> With openejb you should have a look to the DeployerEjb (you can do a new on
> it IIRC).
> *Romain Manni-Bucau*
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> 2013/8/19 Christian Schlichtherle <>
>> Hi everyone,e
>> I would to stop, redeploy and start a deployed WAR application. On vanilla
>> Tomcat, I know I can do this by querying for JMX MBeans, so I guess it
>> should work the same way with TomEE or OpenEJB.
>> However, I wasn't able to write a test to confirm this. I have tried
>> openejb-core and tomee-embedded, but the Tomcat MBean were not present in
>> the MBean server, only some OpenEJB MBeans.
>> So what am I supposed to do to make the Tomcat MBeans appear in the MBean
>> server while running my integration tests?
>> Regards,
>> Christian

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