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From Adam Steen <>
Subject Using a differnent version of a jar than the one supplied with Tomee
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2013 01:19:09 GMT
I am trying to port a web-application to Tomee (Apache TomEE 1.5.2) but I have hit a major

The version of quartz our application uses clashes with the bundled version of quartz.

Tomee comes with quartz-2.1.6.jar which is loaded as part of the container set-up as far as
I can tell, But our application relies on a very old version of Quartz and we are unable to
update at this point in time.

>From research I had assumed it would be enough to place the older quarts jar in the WEB-INF/lib
of my web-app and as per the Tomcat class loading information here (
 it would be looked up before the quartz-2.1.6.jar in the ${catalina.home}/lib directory,
this doesn't seem to be the case.

Is it possible for Tomee to use the bundled version of Quartz and my web-app to use a different
version of Quartz?


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