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From José Luis Cetina <>
Subject Entity cant be refreshed with new list values
Date Fri, 18 Oct 2013 17:09:06 GMT
I sent this mail to openJPA mailing list but i dont know if this could be
something related to TomEE or just im doing something wrong.

I have a "strange" behavior, with list properties of any kind of entity.

When i try to set a non empty list to a retrieved entity that has a list
value with null (because is not fetched) the entity doesnt "reflect" the
new non-empty values that i set.

1. Retrieve any entity (ex. user) from database in an ejb with criterias.
2. The retrieved entity has a OneToMany attribute (roles) by default is
lazy thats why if i dont do a fetch (i dont) the list is null
3. Then try to fill the role list with a NON-EMPTY list
4. Here the list that i set has values but the user list has a null in the
roles list attribute even though i set it in the step 3

I dont know why this is happening, the only way i could fix this is cloning
(using SerializationUtils from Apache commons.lang3) the user entity (see
the steps) and with this work, but i dont know why.

1. Retrieve any entity (ex. user) from database in an ejb with criterias.
2. Clone retrieved entity and asig to new one User clonedUser =
3. Then try to fill the role list with a NON-EMPTY list to the clonedUser
4. The list of clonedUser has the correct values

Why i need to clone? why i cannot set a list to the entity if is not cloned?

Im using Apache TomEE 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT (with the openjpa version embedded)


***** ENTITIES *****
public class User implements Serializable{

   private int id;
   private String userName;
   private String password;
   @OneToMany(mappedBy = "user")
   private List<Role> roles;

   //getters and setters..


public class Role implements Serializable{

   private int id;
   private String roleName;
   @JoinColumn(name = "user_id")
   private User user;

  //getters and setters..

**** EJB CLASS ****
public class MyEJB{

    @PersistenceContext(unitName ="ANY_NAME")
    private EntityManager em;

  public User getUserWithRoles(){

        CriteriaBuilder cb = em.getCriteriaBuilder();
        CriteriaQuery<User> cq = cb.createQuery(User.class);
        Root<User> root = cq.from(User.class);


       User userJohn = em.createQuery(cq).getSingleResult();  // if i want
this work i have to do User userJohn =
SerializationUtils.clone(em.createQuery(cq).getSingleResult());  [1*]

       //i will create a list of role just for try to set any role the
      List<Role> roleList = new ArrayList<Role>(2);
      roleList.add(new Role(1,'ADMIN'); //creating and adding role 1
      roleList.add(new Role(2,'DEVELOPER');//creating and adding role 2

     //setting the list of roles created to the user, as you can see the
list has 2 values but the value roles of userJohn always is set to null, my
setters and getters are correct

     return userJohn;



public class MyBean implements Serializable{

 private MyEJB ejb;

 public void anyMethod(){
   User user = ejb.getUserWithRoles();
    user.getRoles(); //<---- HERE THE LIST IS ALWAYS NULL but if i use
clone in the ejb method (see 1*) i can get the corrected values.



I know i can get the values fetching but im trying to not do it

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