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From Diego Cattelan <>
Subject Multitenants app
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2014 13:17:46 GMT
Hi, I'm using TomEE 1.6 to run a simple multitenat web application.

I have a global users database and each tenant has his own private database.
After a user logins succesfully, I manually instantiate the private 
tenant's  EntityManagerFactory
with info for connecting to the right database.

The application is working withouth problems. When I need an 
EntityManager I manually request it to
the tenant's EntityManagerFactory, etc.

Now, I want to use container managed transaction and injection.

- Tenants are created at runtime withouth container restart

It's my first J2EE project so I need some hints to go in the right 

How can I achieve this ? Thank you.

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