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From "Howard W. Smith, Jr." <>
Subject Re: TomEE performance degrades gradually
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2014 11:07:08 GMT
On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 6:39 AM, Howard W. Smith, Jr. <
> wrote:

> On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 5:46 AM, ivan nikitsenka <>wrote:
>>       <query>
>>         <description></description>
>>         <query-method>
>>           <method-name>findAll</method-name>
>>           <method-params></method-params>
>>         </query-method>
>>         <ejb-ql>select object(o) from BreakReason o order by
>> o.reasonDesc</ejb-ql>
>>       </query>
> Seriously? ORDER BY a 'reasonDesc'?
> Every now and then, I am opening jvisualvm (Java Visual VM) and profiling
> (or checking the performance) on certain parts of my app, and more and
> more, I am removing,
> ORDER BY ...
> from my queries, and reverting to Collections.sort() + Comparator.
> Is there an index on this 'reasonDesc'? What is 'reasonDesc'.length(), on
> average?
> If this is the reason why TomEE [and your app] is degrading, then please
> change your query, and remove the ORDER BY ..., and sort your data some
> other way.
> Refer to your database tuning document. I use Apache Derby, and they have
> a very nice/comprehensive 'Tuning Derby' guide that I have referred to in
> the past, when my app went to production.
I have seen/heard MyFaces and/or TomEE committers say/recommend that they
do a lot of 'caching' to improve the performance of their app. Caching
what? Caching data that can [or should] be cached.

Can the result set of the following be cached in an @ApplicationScoped bean
(when app starts OR on the first time that the query is needed/executed)?

<ejb-ql>select object(o) from BreakReason o order by o.reasonDesc</ejb-ql>

In my app, there are a few queries, where the result set is used in a
dropdown (or JSF selectOneMenu). I cache the result set of those queries in
@PostConstruct of my [one and only] @ApplicationScoped bean.

Will TomEE [or my/your app] 'degrade' when caching such result sets? No,
because TomEE [or my/your app] will not need [or refer to] a @Stateless
@EJB to get this data during many times.

Also to clarify what I said earlier about removing ORDER BY ...,

yes, I have some quite complex SQL, and when I profile the app (via
jvisualvm), I find that Apache Derby source code is not performing well
with [my] SQL and/or [my] database design, etc...

So, I replace ORDER BY ... with Collections.sort() + Comparator.

Also, as Jean-Louis asked/recommended, I have a [small] statement cache
setting on my database <Resource .../>

<Resource id="jdbc/mcmsJta" type="javax.sql.DataSource">
  JdbcDriver org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver
  JdbcUrl jdbc:derby:C:/javadb/databases/...;create=true

Also, I am using JPA @NamedQueries on many of the popular/most-used queries
in the app, especially those that are more complex and don't [always]
perform well.

Also, my JPA = EclipseLink, and I use query hints, see below.

    public List<Driver> findAllAvailableSelectOne() {
        return em.createNamedQuery("Driver.findAllAvailableSelectOne")
                 .setHint("eclipselink.query-results-cache", "true")
                 .setHint("", "true")

where the @NamedQuery is defined as follows:

    @NamedQuery(name = "Driver.findAllAvailableSelectOne", query = "SELECT
d FROM Driver d WHERE d.includeInLookupList = 'Y' ORDER BY d.driverName"),

Interesting, I could probably cache the result set of this query in my
@ApplicationScoped bean, but d.includeInLookupList can/may be changed by
enduser, sometime during runtime, but enduser does not change that value
unless Driver/Employee is terminated or hired. :)

I may have to write some code to cache this result set in my
@ApplicationScoped bean, and if enduser changes any 'Driver' in the
database, then I will have to update the List<Driver> in my
@ApplicationScoped bean. Hmmm, thanks for calling my attention to this
query in my app. :)

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