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From ivan nikitsenka <>
Subject Re: TomEE performance degrades gradually
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2014 09:46:01 GMT
David Blevins <david.blevins <at>> writes:
I have noticed the same issue on my project. The EJB 2.x.
Exactly the same behavior as described on the top
First response is very quickly and then it becomes worse and aprox after 500 
requests it performance becomes slower twice 
First investigations shows the entity bean findAll query method is the 
Here is the ejb-jar conf for this method:
    <entity id="BreakReason">
      <cmp-field id="CMPAttribute_1061568652677">
      <cmp-field id="CMPAttribute_1061568657153">
      <cmp-field id="CMPAttribute_1241725251750">
        <ejb-ql>select object(o) from BreakReason o order by 

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