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From Anthony Fryer <>
Subject Re: "Java Application Servers are Dead"
Date Sun, 11 May 2014 23:10:06 GMT
I think Java Application Servers left a bad impression on alot of people back
in the early ejb2/jsf1 days.  It wasn't only the specs that were not great
(ie. ejb2 entity beans) but also the containers that were implemented were
incredibly resource hungry memory pigs that took an eternity to boot up.  I
remember working on weblogic 8 which you couldn't run on a machine with <
2Gb and when you booted it, you could walk away and make a coffee, come back
and if you were lucky it would have started.

Back then alot of people looking for a better way to do things went to
spring and the spring, (tomcat|jetty), hibernate stack became really
popular. Jee was abandoned by alot of developers.

Over the last few years with the jee spec improving massively (esp ejb3 and
jsf2) , the introduction of CDI and the development of new super lightweight
fast jee containers (tomee by far consumes the least memory in my
experiences and boots up in a matter of seconds), in my opinion jee has
definately leaped ahead of the spring, tomcat, hibernate stack.  Also its a
"STANDARD" so you get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that it's a technology
that's not going to dissappear just because its not flavour of the month at
any point in time.

The problem these days is the people that left jee before and went to spring
are stuck in their ways and still think jee is bad and containers are fat
and bloated.  Most people haven't bothered to look again.  Most java devs
when I mention dependency injection think only of spring.  I'm amazed how
many don't even know about CDI.  There's new projects using spring to create
web services.  When i asked if they looked at JAX-WS i get blank stares
back.  I think there's a big education issue with java devs stuck in their
ways and too lazy to learn something new.

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