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From Andy Gumbrecht <>
Subject Re: openejb-core-4.6.1-20140513.040854-160.jar broken?
Date Wed, 14 May 2014 21:43:14 GMT
@Romain, it works as well as the end user deems fit at the end of the 
day - There is such a thing as a stable snapshot, that is one that 
passes all the tests that has ever been written so far, and all the end 
user tests that they have for their own app. There is definitely no 
black and white rule to that, only an opinion. It is in fact what we did 
with openjpa-2.3.0-nonfinal and are doing with openjpa-2.4.0-1591689, 
taking a snapshot and making/declaring it stable/released for 'our' needs.

I wouldn't include a snapshot reference in a production application, but 
I would create my own stable version off a snapshot if I am happy with 
it passing everything that it needs to pass and has a new feature that I 
need at the time. By doing that I would naturally be committed to 
keeping an eye on changes to the current snapshot that would affect the 
decision to use it in the first place - I am sure we will be keeping an 
eye on OpenJPA for the near future for example.

To have and to keep a snapshot reference in a production app is asking 
for trouble, hence this user issue. To branch off the snapshot (we're 
talking trunk here) when it's 'stable/green' and test test test is much 
To wait four or more months for a release is also just not workable for 
some people, as is the case for us sometimes - So there we are at the 
'something in-between'.

That said, I would also 'never' take or use a branch of trunk that has 
staging repos defined and try and make it stable, as that is also doomed 
to failure.


On 14/05/2014 20:20, Romain Manni-Bucau wrote:
> @Andy: it doesn't work neither. Users relying on snapshot needs a new
> feature and it is important to stick on new snapshots to limit risk of
> potential regressions we sometimes had cause we fixed only a part of
> the real issue and by side effect the app was no more working. So I
> think either you use releases (apache or custom) or snapshots but not
> something in between
> Romain Manni-Bucau
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> 2014-05-14 20:11 GMT+02:00 agumbrecht <>:
>> Markus,
>> You also have to understand that 'depending' on a snapshot is generally not
>> a good idea. That doesn't mean snapshot builds are not a good idea, rather
>> wait for a green build on the buildbot here:
>>, then deploy your own
>> version of it somewhere safe and use that until the next green build.
>> Andy.
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