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From Andy Gumbrecht <>
Subject Re: Remote Asynchronous EJB Method call followed quickly by client exit
Date Fri, 16 May 2014 08:43:56 GMT
It depends on how you are exiting the client. Make sure you close the 
context properly and don't just kill the process, it may not have 
completed the call.

Can you share some code.


On 14/05/2014 23:24, ymaraner wrote:
> I have a client that makes a call to a remote EJB method and then terminates
> within a very short period of time. If the EJB method is synchronous,
> everything works fine. If the EJB is annotated with @Asynchronous, the call
> doesn't seem to be processed on the server unless I introduce a short sleep
> in the client right after the method call.
> That doesn't seem like correct behavior to me. I was under the impression
> that the call would spawn a server-side thread to handle the method and then
> return control to the client; so the method would be successfully invoked no
> matter what the client did immediately after the call.
> Am I wrong? Or is this a potential bug in the implementation of asynchronous
> EJB method invocation in TomEE
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