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From Andy Gumbrecht <>
Subject Re: question around entityManager.flush
Date Mon, 19 May 2014 08:02:45 GMT
Hi there Radhakrishna,

On 19/05/2014 08:15, Radhakrishna Kalyan wrote:
> Hi,
> I have question around entityManager.flush().
> Is it ok to call multiple times? Or will there be any performance issue.
Every time you hit the the database you will take a performance hit back 
- How much is impossible to say and is very dependant on what your app 
is doing. Just always think along the lines of 'how can I do this with 
less' and you'll be fine.
> My case is, I have a timer service which executes periodically where I
> create a database entity using a dao object using entityManager.persist(),
> after that I also  call entityManager.flush().
> The reason to do so is, if database commit fails due to certain reason like
> unique constrain exception then I want the timer service to send a JMS
> message.
What you are doing is not necessarily wrong, but why not just let the 
container do the work for you. The container managed transactions are 
your friend.
> If I don't call entityManager.flush() then I am not able to catch any
> exception in my timer service thus fails to send any JMS message.
In your service look up another local bean that handles the persistence  
and if required sends a message on success, this will all run in a 
transacted context - The success message will only be sent if the bean 
method actually completes.
If the bean method call fails then you can catch the error and do the 
extra leg work to send the 'fail' message.
> However at the end the database entity is never created which is correct.
> But if I can't able to send the JMS message upon exception then I does not
> meet the requirement.
> Any ideas or recommendations to do it in a better way
So I guess my suggestion is to not try and do all the work in the timer 
service method, rather call another bean method do do the work.


   Andy Gumbrecht

   TomEE treibt Tomitribe! |

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