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From jieryn <>
Subject recent tomee / arquillian / openjpa failure
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2014 19:55:23 GMT
I've recently started seeing a project failing because of unable to
read the persistence.xml in a non-existant JAR file. This project
works with 1.6.x lineage, but it breaks with the 1.7.x lineage.

The reason is not apparent to me. This seems like a pretty huge regression...

Check out, build with mvn clean install. Failure will be because of
persistence.xml location failure.

Please note, if I run with -Dtest= listing a single test class, it
works as expected. So it seems there is some sort of static variable
somewhere which is holding a reference to a previous arquillian jar or
something along those lines..

Anyone know the problem here? This is blocking me.

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