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From Andy Gumbrecht <>
Subject Building TomEE source code
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2014 10:09:24 GMT
Hi Everyone,

If you are relying in any way on the TomEE source code 
( then please read on.

We are currently in the process of creating the TomEE 1.7.x branch and 
release. There is quite a lot of work involved, and this will likely 
cause issues on source builds for the next few days at least.
The site documentation and repositories will be updated accordingly, but 
for now here is a quick heads up. Expect things to be broken for a day 
or two.

The branched 1.7.x source (and OpenEJB 4.7.x) can now be found (and will 
stay) here:

And the 1.7.x buildbot here:

Trunk source is now versioned at TomEE 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT (and OpenEJB 
5.0.0-SNAPSHOT) and can be found at the usual location here:

And the buildbot here:
And here for JDK9-EA:

Basically, if the buildbots are not showing up green then please do not 
checkout/update the source - It will not work!
You can always see which revision is being or has been built, so if you 
want a stable snapshot then only checkout green build revisions.

Note: Trunk is now building on Java 8 and 9-EA but will continue to be 
deployed on Java 7

It is likely that trunk will be unstable for several months to come as 
work progresses on the Java EE 7 path, so please be don't expect it to 
be anywhere close to usable until we start shouting. Thanks for your 

For those of you in the states - Happy 4th of July!
And for those of you not in the states - Also a happy 4th of July!


   Andy Gumbrecht

   TomEE treibt Tomitribe! |

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