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From Andy Gumbrecht <>
Subject Re: Query regarding Deployment of EAR in Tomee
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2014 09:58:40 GMT

It's really cool that you are using TomEE, it's such a great product.

What you are trying to do is theoretically possible, but with legacy 
applications we can never be sure so the only way is give it a run like 
you are doing. Well done!

We have some great documentation here:
And lots of documented examples here:

The deploy docs are specifically here:

Also, you can download the source and build all the examples using 
Maven, see here:
There are thousands of tests that server as valuable examples.

Hope this helps, and please get back to us if you need help.
Let us know how the projects works and if our documentation helped you 
or not.

Thanks, and have a great weekend.


On 09/07/2014 16:40, Ashwini Tyagi wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to TomEE server.
> I have query regarding deployment of an application on TomEE, which is
> developed in Weblogic Workshop as EAR and having, two projects as part of
> this application.
> One is 'Schema' project and second one is 'Web Service' project which is
> accessing EJB(2.x) for database interaction.
> Is it possible to deploy this application on TomEE. Please share any link
> where I can refer documentation for tomee.
> Regards,
> Ashwini Tyagi
> Cell:- +358466580620
> Mailto:
> Website:
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   Andy Gumbrecht

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