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From Alexander Wagner <>
Subject TomEE OpenEJB IDE Support
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2014 13:12:32 GMT
Hello TomEE/OpenEJB-Comunity,

I would like to know which ways you prefer for developing 
JEE-Applications with TomEE and maybe standalone OpenEJB Server in 
combination with a good IDE-Support. The main question is about: use a 
War-Project and be happy with the great Eclipse WTP Connector support 
and do not waste time to try anything else like EARs or plain ejb-jars. 
Maybe you could give a better answer with some background information 
about our requirements and environments.

In our company we are using Eclipse for Java-Development. We are using 
plain Tomcat for Web-Development (mainly JSF) and for now in some 
projects already TomEE. Historically we have also server parts which are 
running from a Java Main Method without any container. A plan might be 
in the future to get also this servers to the JEE world. As a footnote: 
we are most time project driven, so for now we have no real products 
where we can put a lot of efforts in refactoring until everything is as 
nice as it could.

In the projects where we used TomEE we created two or more 
War-Applications to separate development and robustness of the different 
parts of the whole system. For example we defined a portal.war, a 
notification-service.war and reporting-service.war. Every 
War-Apllication has its own Business and Persistency-Layer where only 
the things are modeled which are needed e.g. JPA-EntityBeans. The portal 
has naturally also a UI-Layer in this case a JSF. If there is some 
inter-application communication needed the War-Applications talk over 
some Remote-Interfaces and/or JMS with each other, depending on the use 

Currently our big question is if the War-File approach for applications 
without any UI-layer is the right one. It feels a little bit that this 
is not the nature of War-Files;-) The other way we could imagine is to 
create ejb-jars out of the notification- and reporting-service applications.

At this point our big question is the IDE Support. The Eclipse Support 
for Tomcat/TomEE over the WTP-Connector is excellent, but it covers only 
War-Projects. So I tried the OpenEJB Eclipse Plugin 
( First of all, 
it seems to work, but nevertheless it seems also a little bit outdated. 
Does someone has some real experiences with it, especially with 
debugging, workspace maven dependency resolution?

We have also some doubts about using EAR-Files, we could not imagine how 
the development process should work, running only certain parts for 
development in container for better startup time etc. And our real big 
problem with it is, that we do not see any IDE-Support. Do you have some 
other experiences in this field?

And maybe in the end, is this all about ideology and don't waste your 
time for thinking about misusage of War-Applications!?

Thank you in advance for your answers!

Best regards,
Alexander Wagner

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