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From Alexander Wagner <>
Subject Re: TomEE OpenEJB IDE Support
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2014 07:39:23 GMT
Sorry I didn't mentioned that we use maven for the projects and also m2e 
in Eclipse. Without theses tools the build process might be not so 

The DCEVM is really great stuff, I used it already, too. I need to 
install it again after a new eclipse installation. Sometimes I had the 
felling that the debugger gets more often out of sync and didn't 
recognized than any changes, but this might be only a personal feeling.

The m2e conntectors are a good advice, we are using mostly the ignore 
feature of eclipse to exclude unsupported lifecycles:-D

So in the end we wouldn't be alone if we use war-files over ears or 
ejb-jar. For the moment satisfying :-)

Am 25.07.2014 um 16:37 schrieb Anthony Fryer:
> Alexander Wagner wrote
>> At this point our big question is the IDE Support. The Eclipse Support
>> for Tomcat/TomEE over the WTP-Connector is excellent, but it covers only
>> War-Projects. So I tried the OpenEJB Eclipse Plugin
>> ( First of all,
>> it seems to work, but nevertheless it seems also a little bit outdated.
>> Does someone has some real experiences with it, especially with
>> debugging, workspace maven dependency resolution?
> I use eclipse with tomEE almost everyday.  It has taken time to get eclipse
> working well, but now for me it is a great tool for developing applications.
> Eclipse maven support, m2e, takes some time to get used to, but when you do
> and you work out which additional m2e plugins you need, you can get eclipse
> to perform automatic builds using the maven build plugins.  An example of
> some m2e plugins i use are...
> m2e connector for jaxws
> m2e connector for OpenJPA
> m2e connector for XML Transform
> I decided ages ago that packaging my applications in war files instead of
> ears wasn't a big deal.  I wanted to use tomEE from eclipse and use the
> eclipse wtp to automatically publish my war into tomee.  I could repackage
> into ear files later if i want to deploy into a different container that
> doesn't support skinny ears (ie. wars).
> I also setup my servers configed in eclipse to use a Dynamic Code Evolution
> VM (DCEVM) so class changes are just deployed into a running tomee instance
> automatically and debugging can be performed immediately after a code change
> is made (no need to redeploy the app and restart tomee and no need to pay
> for jrebel).  Some info about this can be found here...
> So in summary
> * I have a multi module maven pom project (I have 23 projects in my eclipse
> workspace all pure maven projects, no eclipse specific info in the pom.xml
> files).
> * My projects are all built automatically by eclipse when a code change is
> made because i installed the necessary m2e plugins.  This includes changes
> to wsdl files, xsd files and jpa entities.
> * The classes generated by the eclipse maven builder are automatically
> published to my tomee server by eclipse wtp.
> * DCEVM automatically loads those classes into an already running server.
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