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From Daniel Kasmeroglu <>
Subject resources.xml in a WAR ?
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2014 12:12:00 GMT
Hi there,

I've got the following problem: When running my application as a WAR it
fails to create the datasources (I'm using a CustomDataSourceFactory as
you can see within the attached 'resources.xml').

At least they're not created ahead of the deployment of the web module
which causes a failure within the lookup in 'PersistenceBuilder'.

I definitely know that my custom data source is working as I've tested
the server with the auto resource creation option turned on. In that
case I'm perfectly capable to inject my data sources although my JPA
persistence then gets adjusted to HSQLDB related datasources instead of
the configured ones (which is basically the reason for my investigation).

Furthermore my custom data sources are properly working in a test setup
which is an EJB container loading a corresponding 'tomee.xml'. In that
case the persistence layer is getting properly configured.

My suspicion is that the web module deployment starts without having the
resources ready but the OpenEJB code isn't that easy to read.

So does anyone have an advice for this situation or any kind of hint in
order to help me ?


* Tomee Plume 1.7.0
* Java 7
* Obviously I've checked ahead whether the declarative artifacts like
beans.xml, persistence.xml, resources.xml etc. are at the right locations.

Best regards

Daniel Kasmeroglu

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