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From Emmanuel Touzery <>
Subject jax-rs @Path annotation scanning
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2014 12:38:41 GMT

     I know that in glassfish it's possible to do something (with the 
web.xml IIRC) and all the services with @Path annotation are 
automatically taken into account by the container. We ported a GF 
application to tomee and the way we have it configured now is by listing 
every JAX-RS service manually in a class inheriting Application. I tried 
quickly scanning the classpath manually to find classes with the @Path 
annotation but it was quite slow and I'm pretty sure something like that 
must be supported through some option or optional setup?

     So, how we go about to enable that scanning and spare ourselves 
that typing everytime we add a new JAX-RS service?



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