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From jolinnen <>
Subject Using @EJB from an EAR app inside a webservice in a different WAR
Date Thu, 12 May 2016 15:07:56 GMT
I face a problem for which i cannot find a solution although I did a lot of
reading, coding and testing.
My situation:

I've have an EAR with an EJB like this:

public class WMAuthEJBImpl
       implements WMAuthEJB

I deploy the EAR in the app-directory and on the log of TomEE I find this
(amongst others):

--> Ejb(deployment-id=WMAuthEJBImpl)

and I can use it in a remote client. So that's fine.

But now I must use this EJB  inside a rest webservice, I tried this (amongst

// @Stateless
// @Singleton
public class WMAuthService
    private WMAuthEJB                        wmauth;

After deploying the myservice.war in webapps the TomEE log say

INFO: Skipping deployment of Class class myservice due to a
NoClassDefFoundError: LWMAuthEJB;

To tell the truth I have no idea what to do or what to read next. Sorry for
that but I had a simolar situation on JBoss with a solution of an xml config
file (jboss-deployme-structure.xml).

Does someone has an advice for me?

Many Thanks


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