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From tam <>
Subject Re: Johnzon - bugs or features?
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2016 10:33:19 GMT
Still confused. I want to map java POJOs 1-1 to JSON, and in fact I've been
doing it all the time. (I learned all that stuff a while ago using Jackson.)
Looking at Jackson's docs on and Genson's on, they both claim to use JAXB annotations.
So if Johnzon works like those, why would it ignore the annotations?

Anyway, it's sort of running now, but the problems I described are still
present: No nested objects, and endless fiddling around before it actually
serialized. Don't ask me what I did wrong, but around 50 times it just gave
me lists of empty objects like [{}, {}, {}...]. (But the right number of
objects, so at least it recognized them.)

BTW I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. It's just when I see in the
Maven Repository that something is announced as incubating and alpha, and
documentation is sparse, I get the message that it's not finished yet. I'd
also prefer to belong to the happy crowd who's using it without problems;
I'm just lacking information to get happy too.

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