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From tam <>
Subject Re: Johnzon - bugs or features?
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2016 15:10:08 GMT
Technically, the Johnzon list is certainly the place to discuss that stuff.
So let's discuss further points there. I see two lists on the Johnzon site,
a commits list and a developer list. Both appear to be used mostly by the
development team and not contain questions of users like me. Which of them
(or what else) should I use?

Still, I think the topic has a TomEE aspect as well. When a library included
with TomEE is replaced by something that causes considerable effort and
uncertainty (e.g. because it uses different annotations, is scarcely
documented, behaves unpredictably, ...), this is a drawback for TomEE
itself. A user might not even be aware which of the dozens of libraries is
responsible for a certain misbehavior (e.g. if it doesn't throw an exception
but just doesn't work in the expected way).

Both the Johnzon download page and Maven appear only to offer 0.9.3. Is
0.9.4 available somewhere?

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