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From "KARR, DAVID" <>
Subject Define datasource, reference JDBC driver, and see init in console
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2016 20:52:20 GMT
(I posted this first to tomcat-user, but I realized technically it should go to tomee-user.
 I apologize if this is a duplicate for you. In any case, this note has a little more info
than the first note.)

I'm attempting to use Tomcat(tomee) to run a REST service that will return some data from
some SQL queries (Oracle).  I've installed Tomee 7.0.1, which uses Tomcat 8.5.3.

The JDBC driver is available from a private enterprise maven repo.  I'd prefer to get it from
there, as opposed to storing it locally.  I noticed at
, there is the possible notation of "mvn:g:a:v" for the "classpath" attribute.  However, I
don't see any way to configure the Maven repositories this will reference.  How do I tell
it to look in a particular repo for this?  Would it just implicitly use my $HOME/.m2/settings.xml

My Resource definition in "conf/tomee.xml" looks something like this:
  <Resource id="jdbc/sus2" type="DataSource"
	    maxActive="5" maxIdle="2" maxWait="10000"
	    username="<user>" password="<password>"/>

Does this look correct?  I find the Tomcat docs confusing, with respect to the required syntax
for this.  It's not clear whether a pure XML syntax is required, or a mixed XML/property syntax.

If I start the instance, should I see any default output that will show Tomcat connecting
to this datasource?  If it doesn't show this by default, is there a way to turn this on?

I tried writing the code to obtain the JNDI resource (Spring context references), but it just
says it can't find it (fails at "jdbc"), so perhaps my Resource definition was ignored, or
my JNDI path is wrong.

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