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From Zachary Bedell <>
Subject EJB via ServerServlet, JAASRealm name must match WAR name or in server.xml
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2016 16:26:08 GMT
I've found what looks to be a mis-feature with JAAS authentication for EJB's.  I'm using the
ServerServlet to call EJB's over http/s.  It looks like in order to work, the JAAS realm that
authenticates the EJB user must either be named the same as the WAR that contains ServerServlet
OR it must be defined globally in Tomcat's server.xml.  

Defining the JAAS realm in ServerServlet's WAR with any name other than the WAR's name fails
with a strange, "java.rmi.RemoteException: Received invalid response code from server: 3".
 Best I can tell, the '3' corresponds to org.apache.openejb.client.ResponseCodes.AUTH_DENIED,
which for some reason gets marshalled back under a "javax.ejb.EJBException: Unknown Container
Exception" with a cause of that RemoteException.  Possibly there's another problem here with
marshalling back the error condition from an AUTH_DENIED, but I haven't dug into that.

The closest thing to a root cause I can find is the behavior in org.apache.tomee.catalina.TomcatSecurityService::findRealm
which is called by login, ultimate called by org.apache.openejb.server.ejbd.EjbRequestHandler
processRequest method (securityToken = securityService.login(authentication.getRealm(), authentication.getUser(),
new String(authentication.getPassword())); // Line 171)

The findRealm method searches a Map from TomcatWebAppBuilder which appears to contain keys
of the various archive names to their defined realms.  

The two ways that this works successfully are:

1) If the Realm that should be securing your EJB's is in the default conf/server.xml, the
fallthrough that returns defaultRealm works.

2) If the Realm is named the same as the WAR's URI, then it'll be found in the Map within

My (failing) environment looked like this:




<web-app version="3.1"





And the client-side JAAS configuration also uses "ucs_security" as its realm name.

If I moved the <Realm/> tag from the WAR's context.xml into server.xml, EJB calls authenticated
successfully as it become the defaultRealm.  That bound the entire server to that authentication
realm which isn't desired.  If I rename all the "ucs_security" references to "ejb" (or presumably
renamed the WAR itself to "ucs_security" though I didn't test that), then it finds the right
realm & authenticates.

It seems like incorrect behavior to force the name of the authentication realm to be the name
of the EAR with all of the other various parts of JAAS able to specify an arbitrary realm

Is this expected behavior, or have I done something silly I'm not seeing?  This is all with
TomEE 7.0.1.

Thanks in advance,
Zac Bedell
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