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From alexdron <>
Subject Re: TomEE 1.7 -> 7.x migration - Arquillian and JAX-RS providers
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2016 23:53:19 GMT
Do you know if that was resolved?

I have a similar issue. Jackson provider v2.1.5 was working perfectly fine
along with Tomee Plus 7.0.1 until we upgraded jackson-jaxrs-json-provider to
version 2.8.5. And for some reason it is not picked anymore by CXF.

We extend JacksonJaxbJsonProvider and specify MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON for
Consume/Produce. We also added it to conf/ 
(cxf.jaxrs.providers and openejb.cxf.jaxrs.providers).
We added openejb-jar.xml to container, though it used to work before upgrade
even without it.

Looking at catalina.out I see our class is mentioned on startup so I guess
it was registered. At the same time, I don't see in that log any registered
Johnzon classes except WadlDocumentMessageBodyWriter.

With all that said, REST calls fail because of "invalid" incoming JSON,
which did not happen before provider upgrade:

Caused by: org.apache.johnzon.mapper.MapperException: Unable to parse 1 to
class java.lang.String
	at org.apache.johnzon.mapper.Mapper.mapObject(
	at org.apache.johnzon.mapper.Mapper.readObject(

Apparently Jackson is skipped. 

I suspect it is somehow related to implemented JAX-RS spec (
Version 2.1.5, which works fine with Tomee 7.0.1, has dependency on
"jsr311-api". The latest version of Jackson (2.8.5) is based on another
specification of the same group - "".
That is the only difference I found so far.

Can you recommend us anything else on top of what was already done?

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