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From Sanjay Prasad <>
Subject Tomee-plume 7.0.2 context.xml not working as in tomee-plume 1.7.4
Date Sat, 24 Dec 2016 13:56:39 GMT
Hi guys,
          I shifted a few applications from tomee-plume 1.7.4 to 7.0.2 
and the context.xml (in webapp's META-INF) resources stopped working as 
it used to. The persistence mappings were found to be not JTA managed 
and tomee was allocating hsql entries for them and causing issues. I 
tried moving the resources to resources.xml and then naming lookups 
under java:/comp/env/jdbc stopped working. I can get it all to work by 
specifying the same resources in context.xml and resources.xml at the 
same time and that does not look right.

     Looking at the code, I figured that the JTA managed flag was 
reported as missing because the resource properties, when loaded from 
context.xml, was getting loaded as a "reference".

 From context.xml
{jndiName=jdbc/K11WriteDb, appName=localhost/k11, factory=null, 



 From resources.xml
{JtaManaged=true, JdbcDriver=org.postgresql.Driver, 
UserName=k11, Password=test, PasswordCipher=PlainText, 
OpenEJBResourceClasspath=false, maxIdle=10, validationQuery=select 1, 
maxWait=10000, maxActive=100}

     I saw this flag, tomee.tomcat.datasource.wrap, in that could force the loading of context.xml 
resources in the resources.xml format (force datasource wrapping). 
Setting this flag to true in file seems to make things 
work as before (in tomee 1.7.4) without making any changes to my wars.

     As I see no documentation regarding this flag, I am not sure if I 
am supposed to use this and whether using this will have other side 
effects. Can someone please confirm that it is ok to use this flag ?


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