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From Romain Manni-Bucau <>
Subject Re: Artemis Switch status
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2016 16:32:55 GMT
2016-12-20 17:22 GMT+01:00 Clebert Suconic <>:

> > You forget one very important point which is the lib stack, last time I
> > checked - can be irrelevant now - Artemis needed a lot of libraries and
> > moreover not much overlapping with tomee libraries which concretely
> means a
> > lot of potential conflicts with user libs is not deployed as a RAR.
> > Think/Hope it changed since it was early times but this is an important
> > point at out level.
> Artemis itself have a lot of libraries... beyond some
> commons-libraries and geronimo libraries, these are the libraries we
> use:
> airline (could be removed on an integrated version with tomee)
> jboss-loggins
> jboss-logmanager
> johzon (it's an apache project)
> jetty (could be removed on an integrated version)
> jgroups (optional on the integrated)
> tomcat-servlet (I bet you have something similar)
> slf4j (i bet you have something similar).
would be great to remove airline (not a strict blocker but I don't think we
need it), jboss-log* (avoid issue for hibernate users mainly + better to
avoid yet another logging framework), jetty (we don't provide AMQ ws:// to
not provide OOTB jetty for quite obvious reasons ;)) and jgroups (think
transitively it brings jboss-log* and 2.4M is too big to be added by
default in tomee which tries to stay light OOTB).

Also spotted guava in the distrib which is a big deal by itself if needed
transitively (but seems it is not from your answer).

Excepted jboss-loging usage I'm not sure about, all others can be made
optional I think. No problem to have a tomee-artemis even if I'm not yet
sure what we can needed (strictly speaking old AMQ doesn't need glue code,
the one we have is just for convenience).

> So.. these libraries are just regular libraries...
> you need some work done to integrate artemis well.. but I don't see
> any issues...
Let's work on it next year even if I'm not sure what it is about as

> It's a different product and the libraries are different.. and that
> will never be fixed.
Don't see it that way. From tomee point of view, less we add better we are.
3M of jetty + 1M of jboss logging + 3.5M of netty + 2.4M of jgroups + 0.6k
of commons-config2 and you already add more than 10M where old AMQ is < 5M.

> Anyways, all I am looking for now is a way to give users an option to
> run on tomee if possible. lets talk again next year :) probably around
> feb.

+1 for that (the only "?" I have is really about the default ;))

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