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From "KARR, DAVID" <>
Subject Setting "openejb.classloader.forced-load" to include "org.apache.cxf" is still loading some classes from tomee lib dir
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2017 00:21:49 GMT
I'm currently using CXF 3.1.9 and Spring 4.3.5 in an app built with Gradle, and running in
Tomcat 8 (TomEE 7.0.1).

I currently only specify the following explicit CXF dependencies:
['cxf-rt-rs-extension-providers', 'cxf-rt-management'].each { 
    compile "org.apache.cxf:${it}:3.1.9"

This gets several other artifacts transitively, including cxf-core.

Up to now, the app has just been serving REST requests, and it's been working fine. I'm now
trying to add a simple request out to another service, using ClientBuilder. When I try to
send that message, I get this:
SEVERE: Failed to determine BusFactory implementation class name.
java.lang.ClassCastException: class  org.apache.cxf.bus.spring.SpringBusFactory
    at java.lang.Class.asSubclass(
    at org.apache.cxf.BusFactory.getBusFactoryClass(

The occurrences of this error seem to imply that there is a classloading issue with BusFactory.
 So, I turned on verbose classloading, and I did see CXF classes being loaded from both the
CXF jars in my webapp, and also in the "lib" dir in TomEE, specifically the BusFactory class.
 However, in the "" file in the "Server" definition in Eclipse, I have "openejb.classloader.forced-load=org.springframework,org.apache.cxf"
(and also "disabled=true" in the "" and "" files).  So, I appear
to have the proper settings to make it load all the CXF (and Spring) classes from my webapp,
instead of from the container, but it's not quite working.

What else could be wrong here?

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