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From dmcletchie <>
Subject Re: datasource duplication in tomee
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2017 11:48:01 GMT
Thank you both for replying - Much appreciated!

Here's the war file, build with source (all 3 or 4 lines!).  It's only a few
KB, so hopefully it'll let me attach it.


I don't have a great reason for picking context.xml.  I want to do this in a
more standard / common / tested way, so I'll try to look into that & change

The only "gotcha" is that I was trying to obfuscate the database password,
by encrypting it. The code to decrypt it is in each war file.  To decrypt, I
was defining a factory in the resource in context.xml.  That factory points
to a class that extends org.apache.tomcat.dbcp.dbcp2.BasicDataSourceFactory. 
So, I could not define the resource in a global way, since the global class
loader does not know how to get to the factory in the war file.

I'd rather not define the resource in the war file, since we might want to
change some of the parameters like the URL, username, pool size, etc. per
server that we install on.  I don't want to have to edit war file, I'd
rather have the configuration live outside of the war file.  (especially for
upgrades, I want to make it easy to deploy new war files)

I do have options though - I guess that I could use a globally defined
resource, and I could put the decrypt code in a jar in the libs directory. 
Given that I want to obfuscate the password (I know that it's not super
secure), what's my best bet for setting up a data source?  

I don't know if it's the same instance or not.  I'm poking around the mbeans
with jvisialvm ... i'm a bit over my head.  
I have 2 entries in 
Rouserce->Context -> localhost -> /helloWorld ->
They are:
"openejb/Resource/helloWorld/jdbc/foobar" and 
there is e endtry in 
Rouserce->Context -> localhost -> /helloWorld -> javax.sql.DataSource
it is

I think that there are 2 instances.  If I set the min/max/initial size of
the pool to 11 connections, I end up with 22 sessions in my database.  If I
cut & paste the resource definition into server.xml (and leave context.xml
empty), then I end up with 11 connections (which I expect)

Let me know what you think the path of least resistance is for me to
obfuscate a password like this... I'll try to set it up that way.

Thanks again!


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