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From fulve <>
Subject Provider registration in
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2017 15:33:14 GMT
Hi everyone,

I have a WAR file that contains two
I want each sub app to have there own providers.

To acheive this I have disabled providers scanning :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<openejb-jar xmlns="">
    <pojo-deployment class-name="jaxrs-application">
            cxf.jaxrs.skip-provider-scanning = true

I can't register my providers, how am I supposed to do ? 

I've tried overloading getClasses without success:

public class MyApp extends Application{

	public Set getSingletons() {
		Set set = new LinkedHashSet();
		set.add((Object) new MetiJaxbJsonProvider());
		return set;

	public Map<String, Object> getProperties() {
		Map<String, Object> p = new HashMap<String, Object>();
		p.put("cxf.jaxrs.providers", "jsonp");//Defines in resources.xml
		return p;

	public Set<Class&lt;?>> getClasses(){
		Set<Class&lt;?>> classes = new LinkedHashSet<>(Class<?>);
		return classes ;

Am i missing something ?

Best Regards

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