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From "Shultz, Dmitry" <>
Subject RE: [Tomee Maven Plugin] Unkillable Tomee...
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2018 16:51:10 GMT
Hi Daniel,

If it normally dies when executed from cml line it may be an IDEA <-> Windows integration
However, IDEA Ultimate has built-in TomEE run configuration, so no need to use Maven plugin
and I found it very usefull, check if Community edition has it as well.


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From: Daniel Chiaramello [] 
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2018 2:05 AM
Subject: [Tomee Maven Plugin] Unkillable Tomee...


Since 2 weeks now, I'm facing a highly frustrating problem with Tomee Maven Plugin, used from
IntelliJ on Windows.

In short, after I have used "tomee:run" target, I'm no more able to kill Tomee (even from
Task Manager, which says "access denied" when I try to kill it, despite the fact that I'm
This is highly frustrating because the only way to kill it is by restarting the PC... And
it used to work "as expected" 2 weeks ago...

In detail: I first need to apologize, I'm really new on Java development (2 months old, after
25 years developing in C/C++). So, Java, Maven, IntelliJ and Tomee are things I don't master
- please forgive me if I'm using words not corresponding to usual terms used by the community!

The purpose is to develop a REST-based application.
I was really impressed by the ease (compared to C++) to develop a prototype of such application
in Java - in a matter of few days, despite my absolute lack of knowledge in all these technologies,
I had a first API implemented and running.
That prototype is working on IntelliJ Community 2018.2, on Java 1.8, with Tomee Maven Plugin
v7.0.5. My company is using its own Maven repository, accessible behind an HTTP firewall (I'm
not sure it has a relation with my problem, but I'm mentioning it just in case...)

Everything was perfect, I was really happy. But 2 weeks ago, I started to face a problem mentioned
above: I am no more able to kill Tomee except by restarting my PC... So, as soon as I launch
my application with tomee:run, to launch a new version of it, I have to restart my PC...
I spent days to try to find a solution - without success for now.
Worse that that, the person from my company who helped me in my first steps, providing my
guidances on the tools to use (IntelliJ, tomee maven plugin,
etc...) and helped me setting up my environment is now facing the exact same problem than
me! But since he's no more working on these topics, he couldn't help me in trying to find
a solution - which is why I'm there...

I generated a quasi-empty IntelliJ project reproducing the problem, with only one class extending
"" (doing absolutely nothing), the pom.xml and the web.xml files.

pom.xml content:

I attached a WORD document to that message presenting that project, and showing the problem
with screenshots and full outputs:

I don't know what to do next... I also investigated to live with that problem, by trying to
use deploy/undeploy instead of "run" once Tomee is running, without any success for now (I
lack too many knowledge to understand all Google pages explaining how to do it...)

What would you need to investigate why Tomee is no more exiting? Is there a way to activate
more logs in Tomee, which may help find the cause (remember that things which may seem evident
for you are not for me)?
jstack showed the following:

Thanks for your attention,

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