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Subject [incubator-trafficcontrol] 23/36: Add Deep Caching docs for overview/how to use
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2018 17:23:32 GMT
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commit aa6c53698cc0c6d1dbba94c20dbc6730596e2802
Author: Rawlin Peters <>
AuthorDate: Wed Nov 8 15:05:27 2017 -0700

    Add Deep Caching docs for overview/how to use
 docs/source/admin/traffic_ops/using.rst |  2 +-
 docs/source/admin/traffic_router.rst    | 48 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 49 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/docs/source/admin/traffic_ops/using.rst b/docs/source/admin/traffic_ops/using.rst
index e37be4d..334eb58 100644
--- a/docs/source/admin/traffic_ops/using.rst
+++ b/docs/source/admin/traffic_ops/using.rst
@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@ The fields in the Delivery Service view are:
 | Content Routing Type                             | The type of content routing this delivery
service will use. See :ref:`rl-ds-types`.                                                
-| Deep Caching                                     | (for HTTP routed delivery services only)
When to do deep caching for this delivery service (see :ref:`Deep Caching <insert-ref-here>`
for more details):                                                            |
+| Deep Caching                                     | (for HTTP routed delivery services only)
When to do deep caching for this delivery service (see :ref:`Deep Caching <rl-deep-cache>`
for more details):                                                              |
 |                                                  | - NEVER                            
 |                                                  | - ALWAYS                           
diff --git a/docs/source/admin/traffic_router.rst b/docs/source/admin/traffic_router.rst
index 0fe1707..7dd60d9 100644
--- a/docs/source/admin/traffic_router.rst
+++ b/docs/source/admin/traffic_router.rst
@@ -144,6 +144,54 @@ Traffic Router currently follows the zone signing key pre-publishing
 .. _section of RFC 6781:
+.. _rl-deep-cache:
+Deep Caching - Deep Coverage Zone Topology
+Deep Caching is a feature that enables clients to be routed to the closest
+possible "deep" edge caches on a per Delivery Service basis. The term "deep" is
+used in the networking sense, meaning that the edge caches are located deep in
+the network where the number of network hops to a client is as minimal as
+possible. This deep caching topology is desirable because storing content closer
+to the client gives better bandwidth savings, and sometimes the cost of
+bandwidth usage in the network outweighs the cost of adding storage. While it
+may not be feasible to cache an entire copy of the CDN's contents in every deep
+location (for the best possible bandwidth savings), storing just a relatively
+small amount of the CDN's most requested content can lead to very high bandwidth
+Getting started
+What you need:
+#. Edge caches deployed in "deep" locations and registered in Traffic Ops
+#. A Deep Coverage Zone File (DCZF) mapping these deep cache hostnames to specific network
prefixes (see :ref:`rl-deep-czf` for details)
+#. Deep caching parameters in the Traffic Router Profile (see :ref:`rl-ccr-profile` for details):
+   * ``deepcoveragezone.polling.interval``
+   * ``deepcoveragezone.polling.url``
+#. Deep Caching enabled on one or more HTTP Delivery Services (i.e. ``deepCachingType`` =
+How it works
+Deep Coverage Zone routing is very similar to that of regular Coverage Zone
+routing, except that the DCZF is preferred over the regular  CZF for Delivery
+Services with DC (Deep Caching) enabled. If the client requests a DC-enabled
+Delivery Service and their IP address gets a "hit" in the DCZF, Traffic Router
+will attempt to route that client to one of the available deep caches in the
+client's corresponding zone. If there are no deep caches available for a
+client's request, Traffic Router will "fall back" to the regular CZF and
+continue regular CZF routing from there.
 Troubleshooting and log files
 Traffic Router log files are in ``/opt/traffic_router/var/log``, and Tomcat log files are
in ``/opt/tomcat/logs``. Application related logging is in ``/opt/traffic_router/var/log/traffic_router.log``,
while access logs are written to ``/opt/traffic_router/var/log/access.log``.

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