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Subject [incubator-trafficcontrol] branch master updated (eb927a4 -> de09704)
Date Tue, 01 May 2018 17:51:39 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

jvd pushed a change to branch master
in repository

    from eb927a4  change go download location -- other seems to be failing intermittently
     new b018824  Grove Initial commit
     new e8f89af  Grove Add initial caching handler Grove Grove Adds initial HTTP Cache handler,
which is transliterated to Go from Grove
     new b0e5819  Grove WIP Add origin request limiting Grove Grove This adds origin protection,
limiting requests per key to 1. Currently Grove requests are limited to 1 per key (Method+URL).
Grove Grove This is a Work In Progress. Currently, it will only work for content Grove which
is cacheable. If no-cache content is sent over the proxy, it Grove will fall over, since only
1 request will be allowed thru at once. Grove Grove This also doesn't protect multiple keys.
If a million request [...]
     new a1a3f90  Grove Add rule(origin) concurrent req limiter and config
     new 1c58b07  Grove Add Readme instructions
     new f36306c  Grove Add cfg to ignore request no-cache Grove Grove This violates RFC 7234,
but allows for origin protection.
     new 870561a  Grove Fix fetching getters after the last
     new 3a71f9a  Grove Add remap rule query string handling config
     new c6803d4  Grove Add HTTPS
     new 26c697f  Grove Add stats endpoint and collection interface
     new c5fc1a1  Grove Add stats for remap rule in and out bytes
     new 4bec867  Grove Add stats for statuses
     new 3a473f9  Grove Add per rule request limits
     new 40669c0  Grove Add per rule IP allow and deny
     new fe50543  Grove Add LRU string keys
     new a4d1cde  Grove Add cache handler pointer indirect Grove Grove This is designed to
allow services to do hot config reloading without Grove restarting the HTTP server.
     new 8dc3e93  Grove Add sighup config reloading
     new c9718ef  Grove Add connection close config
     new 6418c58  Grove Add per-rule connection close config
     new d3f3500  Grove Add HTTP/2 support
     new 11e8530  Grove Add logging via Traffic Control common/log
     new 0a5195f  Grove Fix connmap functions to pointers Grove Grove Must be pointers, so
mutex isn't copied.
     new 94e2b04  Grove Fix removing connmap dropped conns.
     new 98b632b  Grove Change remap printf to string concat Grove Grove From profiling: it's
     new 9f4bc51  Grove Add profile func, change null log to nil for speed
     new 33da3bd  Grove Add test origin
     new 331f17a  Grove Add Revalidate
     new dacee08  Grove Add Consistent Hashing Grove Grove Adds Consistent Hashing for parents
of a single rule. Grove Grove Adds remap config for number of retries, retry codes, request
timeout, Grove and hash weight. Grove Grove Changes remap To to a list of parents, instead
of a single parent.
     new b5ada8a  Grove Add ProxyURL, add config generator tool
     new aadedf8  Grove Fix swapped for vars, add rule loading messages
     new b1e292c  Grove Fix request headers not being set on cache object
     new 8dadda9  Grove Fix proxy hashing, retry limit
     new bfc9902  Grove Fix cfg gen scheme, port
     new 3686c21  Grove Add config generator new API Grove Grove Adds funcs to use the new
api/1.3/configs/cache when it's deployed. Grove Takes a config option, 'api', which by default
uses the old. Grove Grove The new endpoint returns only the necessary data, and is drastically
Grove faster
     new 58e8260  Grove Fix slow hash insert, cfg gen parent CDN filter
     new db26f51  Grove Fix parent hash strings not matching ATS
     new da3653a  Grove Vendor dchest/siphash
     new 72c7f19  Grove Change parent hash to use dhash/siphash
     new bc95fd7  Grove Fix debug log msg type
     new ec3599c  Grove Fix debug log msg type
     new 365fc16  Grove Add request timeout configs, transport reuse
     new 63203ab  Grove Fix broken merge
     new b9efe6e  Grove Add pprof flag
     new 8284f7d  Grove Remove unused files
     new f0825bf  Grove Change even log to EventRaw for speed
     new 2b2eb12  Grove Fix astats ats nesting Grove Grove Also changes string construction
to + for performance.
     new 079e99c  Grove Fix astats
     new 1fd0579  Grove Fix astats proc.loadavg trailing \n
     new b382542  Grove Fix astats remap stats to match ATS
     new f9cbdaf  Grove Fix Astats inf.speed to be a number
     new 2526afd  Grove Add stats for connection count
     new 9f8cbd0  Grove Rename config parent request options to be obvious
     new c7e7fff  Grove Fix parent errors to log to error log
     new 4854099  Grove Add Server configurable read,write,idle timeouts Grove Grove This
specifically protects against SlowLoris.
     new 66f6892  Grove Fix ProxyURL for empty proxy strings
     new fd4b916  Grove Fix rules issue with serving stale content
     new c1b933c  Grove Change pkg structure to make app main pkg Grove Grove The main reason
for this, is to conform to the way Traffic Control Grove directories are structured, to make
the RPM build structure more Grove consistent and easier to work with.
     new ed5ae61  Grove Add service, RPM
     new bce4358  Grove Vendor LRU
     new 8786e37  Grove Vendor
     new 82a4bc7  Grove Fix RPM, Service path issues
     new 16ef89d  Grove Add grovetccfg service, RPM
     new 4b12d22  Grove Fix grovetccfg import
     new 00b57a9  Grove Remove grovetccfg service
     new c60e3fa  Grove Add per--delivery service certificates
     new b0bf0b2  Grove Add tccfg getting certs
     new 0b116fb  Grove Fix listener InterceptConn bytes Grove Grove Fixes the ConnMap to
properly remove and add connections when the Grove Conn changes to Idle/Closed and Active.
Grove Grove The original code assumed Conn was a high-level abstraction unique Grove to each
HTTP Handler. It is not; Conns are re-used. This fixes Grove them to be removed from the ConnMap
when the Conn switches to Idle, Grove and added back when an Idle Conn switches to Active.
Grove Grove This also important [...]
     new af48510  Grove Fix event logging not not matching exactly ATS
     new 0bdbcc4  Grove Remove duplicate event log
     new 796b817  Grove Fix duplicate stat and log code
     new 89dbac8  Grove Fix statAndLog to permit a null remapper
     new c81b555  Grove Fix grovetccfg to base64decode certs
     new da86ff9  Grove Fix InterceptListen for multiple certs Grove Grove Also fixes to TLS
after Intercept, which fixes casting the Conn Grove back to the InterceptConn for Stats.
     new c964aa9  Grove Change statAndLog to struct
     new f88c7fe  Grove Rename TryServe to Serve
     new 2ffbfa9  Grove Add web.CopyHeaderTo
     new d43b268  Grove Remove commented code
     new e704f27  Grove Move retryingGet to a struct
     new 3eb880f  Grove Updated readme
     new 321618c  Grove Add grovetccfg readme
     new 834449e  Grove Remove commented code
     new 9461e3f  Grove Remove unused To parent_selection, fix log imports
     new db8628b  Grove Remove unused grovetccfg To parent_selection
     new 95f7bd8  Grove Fix grovetccfg IP allow to set stats only
     new 7661238  Grove Add stats endpoint IP allow
     new 2950628  Grove Commented grovetccfg new API code
     new 1d2115a  Grove Change grovetccfg retry codes to []
     new 211f32c  Grove Add grovetccfg setting DSCP in rules, from DSes
     new 2efa843  Grove Add Grove setting DSCP from Remap Rules
     new 7120874  Grove Add RPM Version, auto-incrementing from git
     new 0cc30dd  Grove Fix rules reversed strictRFC, missing fresh heur. Grove Grove Fixes
a place where the rules had strictRFC inverted, causing it to Grove not cache when a client
sent no-cache and strictRFC was false. Grove Grove Also fixes a missing freshness heuristic
in the absence of an Expires Grove or Date header. Without this, all requests lacking Expires
were Grove treated as immediately stale.
     new 3300938  Grove Add rules tests for strictRFC and no-cache reqs
     new 6047103  Grove Add rules min-fresh, proxy-revalidate
     new 9893675  Grove Add rules tests
     new d4fb92c  Grove Fix rules defaultCacheable codes Grove Grove Also adds tests for Default
Cacheable codes, per the RFC.
     new 8a6fb85  Grove Fix grovetccfg for TC API Changes Grove Grove Also comments the 1.3
cacheconfig funcs, as the endpoint is unlikely Grove to be merged soon.
     new c1a6327  Grove Add grovetccfg build incrementing version
     new e32bff1  Grove Fix nil deref on bad request
     new cd9cf4b  Grove Fix event log ttms
     new 090b149  Grove Remove unused funcs
     new e2ca857  Grove Add stats for cache hit and miss
     new 5a126b7  Grove Add stats for cache capacity, size
     new 888c1dc  Grove Fix missing fmt vars, unreachable code
     new 2fed5e7  Grove Fix LoadConfig() comment
     new 12ba33d  Grove Fix idiomatic names, comments
     new 75d2960  Grove Move config to pkg, so it can be used externally
     new 7b017d7  Grove Add grovetccfg TO update flag, writing to file
     new ae102cd  Grove Move binaries to /usr/sbin to conform to LFH, LSB Grove Grove The
Linux Filesystem Hierarchy standard is somewhat ambiguous about Grove where services go, and
what constitutes a system vs user app. But Grove the community consensus seems to be /usr/sbin.
Grove Grove Irrespective, The Linux Foundation has made it clear /opt is not Grove preferred,
and is for projects who "don't play well with others". Grove Grove The Linux Filesystem Hierarchy
is referred to by the  [...]
     new 81e9d00  Grove Fix binaries to not use bin subdirectories
     new 98c5b34  Grove First try to add simple header parser
     new f818909  Grove cleanup
     new 6730089  Grove update debug
     new 5af1f59  Grove doc update
     new 0a35d66  Grove doc update
     new 7f5ecb6  Grove Clean up phr and pqsn log fields
     new 57c09ed  Grove Formatting changes Grove Grove Changes some names to be shorter, more
idiomatic to Go. Grove Grove Changes ManipulateHeaders (modHdrs) to permit nulls, elide if
     new f5e18e4  Grove Fix port config change to shutdown gracefully.
     new 3b7e0c1  Grove Move common web, stats funcs out of cache
     new af178b0  Grove Fix missing import
     new 31bc977  Grove Move utility functions to packages
     new 0c48698  Grove Move cache handler response to responder object
     new 75cf742  Grove Rename stats funcs to be idiomatic, omit pkg name
     new 060efe2  Grove Fix grovetccfg for library changes, fix tests
     new 1a84ad6  Grove Fix connection count stat
     new 4171a97  Grove Add Dockerfile
     new 28316fa  Grove Fix grovetccfg when remap file doesn't exist
     new bd0d47e  Grove Fix subtle bug sending 304 without if-modif hdr Grove Grove Fixes
a subtle bug wherein under certain cirumstances a 304 with no Grove body was returned, when
the user had NOT sent an `if-modified-since`. Grove Grove This specifically happened when
the object was in cache, and was Grove stale, but was permitted to be revalidated. Grove Grove
The bug was a subtle logic ordering error in the RetryingGetter. Grove Specifically, it checked
if it could cache the response [...]
     new 4378a7a  Grove Add plugin framework
     new f6215e2  Grove Change statlog to plugin Grove Grove Changes the 'statlog' object,
an awkward class that both logged to Grove the event log and recorded stats, into two 'afterrespond'
plugins, Grove one which logs and one which records stats.
     new 457e8c0  Grove Add ifmodifiedsince client req 304, fix ims bugs Grove Grove Adds
an If-Modified-Since beforerespond plugin, to return a 304 to Grove clients who send an IMS
header if the object is unmodified. Grove Grove Also fixes some IMS-related bugs. E.g. a client
IMS header is Grove stripped before requesting from the parent. Before, this was sent, Grove
the 304 was cached and erroneously returned to future non-IMS reqs.
     new a33e377  Grove Add disk cache
     new 5fd98da  Grove Add onreq plugin hook, move astats to plugins
     new 23be9c5  Grove Vendor bbolt
     new 0b571ba  Grove Plugins for parent requests, cleanup, and global beforerespond plugin
for Server header
     new bd6a129  Grove Fix grovetccfg build errs from remapdata move
     new 6b562da  Grove Add plugins to grovetccfg
     new b33106e  Grove Add multi-hook plugins
     new 0cf2d6e  Grove Add plugin context Grove Grove Adds a plugin context variable, which
can be set in one hook and Grove retrieved in a later hook, allowing a single plugin to pass
data Grove between its hooks.
     new 6ac9595  Grove Update plugin readme for beforeParentRequest hook
     new ce5214c  Grove Use new plugin names
     new fc1518c  Grove cleanup commented code
     new 004cac0  Grove Fix grovetccfg typos; formatting
     new 352755f  Grove Change example plugins to be commented
     new f038f7d  Grove Add endpoint for memstats
     new 21d3b15  Grove Add Plugin OnRequest hook SrvrData
     new faab2b3  Grove Add Endpoint CallGC
     new 17d4829  Grove Move Comcast-TC-specific config to a plugin Grove Grove Also adds
a plugins_shared key to remap rules, which allows plugins Grove to share rule configuration
data. This was necessary to provide a Grove generic location for the Comcast and Traffic Control
specific plugin. Grove Grove Also changes Traffic Control config generator grovetccfg to insert
Grove the TC Delivery Service remap text into a plugins_shared key. This Grove was likewise
required, to make the comc [...]
     new b7953cc  Grove Fix transport to use correct proxy per rule Grove Grove Fixes an issue
with the shared transport pointer using the proxy from Grove previous requests, and racing
as to which last-used proxy was used. Grove Grove This fixes the transport to be shared for
each to-parent, for Grove efficiency (as the Go docs suggest), but unique for different to
Grove rules, and therefore not racing and overriding different proxies Grove for different
     new f3d7bde  Grove Change grovetccfg to backup gzipped in new dir
     new bb7da0d  Grove Add grove.log timestamps
     new 2e1f5d9  Grove Add log request ID
     new 9d26e1d  Grove Fix getter bug returning wrong object Grove Grove There was a getter
bug, returning the wrong object, specifically from Grove a different concurrent request. This
fixes it. Grove Grove It also rewrites the entire getter to be simpler. Now, the getter only
Grove uses the existing goroutine, doesn't create more, and the data passing Grove to share
the fetched object is far simpler. See the comments in the Grove thread/getter.go file for
a detailed explanation of the  [...]
     new f6284f9  Grove Fix HTTP/2 Grove Grove Fixes HTTP/2, by calling the http2.ConfigureServer
func, and Grove continuing to set h2 in tls.Config.NextProtos. Grove Grove Also changes InterceptListener
to wrap the net.Conn not tls.Conn, Grove which breaks H2 because it casts to tls.Conn and
explodes violently Grove if that fails. Grove Grove Note this demonstrably, permanently breaks
connection byte counting Grove for HTTP/2 connections. We still have the less-accurate Grove
ResponseWri [...]
     new 045fee2  Grove Add version to build, app flag, and astats
     new 8a920de  Grove Fixed Grove to continue if service reload fails
     new 3eb0b8c  Grove Add grovetccfg log timestamps
     new 944182b  Grove Remove vendored Grove Grove The x packages should not
be vendored, because they need to match the Grove compiler version.
     new 63fdb90  Grove Add readme instructions for unvendored x
     new 94caeaa  Grove Change MemCache to use local LRU, not vendored Grove Grove The hashicorp
LRU was vendored and modified, which is painful to Grove maintain. Since an LRU is not a complex
structure, this changes the Grove memory cache to use its own LRU, to avoid modified-vendored
     new f30687b  Grove Add readme for remap rules on nonstandard ports
     new d4d1378  Grove remove comcast specific example
     new d36a246  Grove Fix behavior for HEAD and OPTIONS methods
     new ac05af7  Grove Fix to log the proper parent in the pqsn field when the parent is
a reverse proxy.
     new 4244fb4  Grove Cache inspector and some more
     new 8951c26  Grove plugin/
     new ee9afe0  Grove fix typos
     new f81a68a  Grove remove commented code
     new 49632ae  Grove Vendor
     new d9e9817  Grove Cleanup and add lock to lru.Keys() - Robs suggestions from review
     new 9cea6cb  Grove Cleanup HEAD/OPTIONS fix
     new 90661a1  Grove Fix shadowed 'reqHost' variable in retryingGetter.ServeHttp() found
from Grove Robs review, add comments to functions returning the reqHost string, Grove and
fix a nil dereference on remapping.Request.URL.Host in rtryingGet().
     new 8916882  Grove Fix grovetccfg for tc v13 package change
     new 2e697f3  Grove Add apache headers
     new de09704  Add grove deps to LICENSE

The 174 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 LICENSE                                            |   12 +
 grove/                                    |  231 +++
 grove/VERSION                                      |    1 +
 grove/build/                           |   34 +
 grove/build/grove.init                             |  119 ++
 grove/build/grove.logrotate                        |   36 +
 grove/build/grove.spec                             |   59 +
 grove/cache/handler.go                             |  315 +++
 grove/cache/responder.go                           |  112 +
 grove/cache/retryinggetter.go                      |  203 ++
 grove/cachedata/cachedata.go                       |   58 +
 grove/cacheobj/cacheobj.go                         |   63 +
 grove/chash/atsconsistenthash.go                   |  144 ++
 grove/chash/atsconsistenthash_test.go              |   91 +
 grove/chash/atsorderedmap.go                       |  213 ++
 grove/chash/atsorderedmap_test.go                  |   54 +
 grove/conf/grove.cfg                               |    6 +
 grove/config/config.go                             |  121 ++
 grove/diskcache/diskcache.go                       |  213 ++
 grove/diskcache/multi.go                           |   98 +
 grove/docker/Dockerfile                            |   32 +
 grove/docker/                  |   79 +
 grove/grove.cfg                                    |    6 +
 grove/grove.go                                     |  395 ++++
 grove/grovetccfg/                         |   64 +
 grove/grovetccfg/build/                |   42 +
 grove/grovetccfg/build/grovetccfg.spec             |   46 +
 grove/grovetccfg/grovetccfg.go                     |  974 +++++++++
 grove/icache/icache.go                             |   31 +
 grove/lru/lru.go                                   |   76 +
 grove/memcache/memcache.go                         |  129 ++
 grove/plugin/                             |  149 ++
 grove/plugin/         |   87 +
 grove/plugin/ats_log.go                            |  144 ++
 grove/plugin/hello_context.go                      |   33 +
 grove/plugin/hello_world.go                        |   27 +
 grove/plugin/http_cacheinspector.go                |  194 ++
 grove/plugin/http_callgc.go                        |   74 +
 grove/plugin/http_memstats.go                      |   77 +
 grove/plugin/http_stats.go                         |  169 ++
 grove/plugin/if_modified_since.go                  |   39 +
 grove/plugin/modify_headers.go                     |   59 +
 grove/plugin/modify_parent_request_headers.go      |   58 +
 grove/plugin/modify_response_headers_global.go     |   59 +
 grove/plugin/plugin.go                             |  206 ++
 grove/plugin/record_stats.go                       |   23 +
 grove/remap.json                                   |   12 +
 grove/remap/remap.go                               |  665 ++++++
 grove/remap/rules.go                               |  510 +++++
 grove/remap/rules_test.go                          |  727 +++++++
 grove/remapdata/remapdata.go                       |  235 +++
 grove/stat/stats.go                                |  376 ++++
 grove/stat/stats_test.go                           |  175 ++
 grove/testorigin/testorigin.go                     |   62 +
 grove/thread/getter.go                             |   87 +
 grove/thread/limiter.go                            |   93 +
 grove/tiercache/tiercache.go                       |   90 +
 .../vendor/   |  229 +--
 grove/vendor/  |   20 +
 .../vendor/ |   15 +
 .../vendor/  |  106 +
 .../    |  271 +++
 .../bytefmt/formatters_suite_test.go               |   13 +
 .../       |    1 +
 grove/vendor/       |   20 +
 grove/vendor/      |   30 +
 grove/vendor/     |  928 +++++++++
 .../       |   30 +
 grove/vendor/  |   18 +
 grove/vendor/   |   10 +
 grove/vendor/ |   10 +
 grove/vendor/   |   28 +
 grove/vendor/ |   12 +
 grove/vendor/ |   10 +
 .../vendor/ |   12 +
 grove/vendor/ |   12 +
 .../vendor/ |   27 +
 grove/vendor/   |   12 +
 grove/vendor/ |   12 +
 .../vendor/ |   12 +
 grove/vendor/ |   12 +
 grove/vendor/  |   92 +
 .../   |   89 +
 .../vendor/ |  145 ++
 .../       |    8 +
 grove/vendor/     |  775 +++++++
 .../vendor/  | 1959 ++++++++++++++++++
 .../       | 2136 ++++++++++++++++++++
 .../  |  456 +++++
 grove/vendor/     |  400 ++++
 .../vendor/  |  817 ++++++++
 grove/vendor/         | 1136 +++++++++++
 grove/vendor/    | 1721 ++++++++++++++++
 grove/vendor/        |   44 +
 grove/vendor/     |   71 +
 grove/vendor/   |  333 +++
 .../       |  288 +++
 grove/vendor/       |  604 ++++++
 grove/vendor/  |  156 ++
 grove/vendor/       |  197 ++
 grove/vendor/  |   72 +
 grove/vendor/ |   87 +
 .../bbolt/simulation_no_freelist_sync_test.go      |   47 +
 .../     |  336 +++
 grove/vendor/         |  705 +++++++
 grove/vendor/    |  869 ++++++++
 grove/vendor/ |    7 +
 grove/vendor/   |   69 +
 grove/vendor/   |  148 ++
 .../       |   86 +
 .../vendor/  |  144 ++
 grove/vendor/     |  216 ++
 grove/vendor/  |  302 +++
 .../      |  292 +++
 .../vendor/ |  169 ++
 .../vendor/  |  201 ++
 grove/vendor/  |  160 ++
 grove/vendor/ |   33 +
 grove/vendor/  |  318 +++
 .../      |  591 ++++++
 grove/version.go                                   |   17 +
 grove/web/cachecontrol.go                          |  139 ++
 grove/web/cachecontrol_test.go                     |   44 +
 grove/web/connmap.go                               |   58 +
 grove/web/httptee.go                               |   53 +
 grove/web/listener.go                              |  180 ++
 grove/web/util.go                                  |  200 ++
 127 files changed, 27079 insertions(+), 228 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 grove/
 create mode 100644 grove/VERSION
 create mode 100755 grove/build/
 create mode 100755 grove/build/grove.init
 create mode 100644 grove/build/grove.logrotate
 create mode 100644 grove/build/grove.spec
 create mode 100644 grove/cache/handler.go
 create mode 100644 grove/cache/responder.go
 create mode 100644 grove/cache/retryinggetter.go
 create mode 100644 grove/cachedata/cachedata.go
 create mode 100644 grove/cacheobj/cacheobj.go
 create mode 100644 grove/chash/atsconsistenthash.go
 create mode 100644 grove/chash/atsconsistenthash_test.go
 create mode 100644 grove/chash/atsorderedmap.go
 create mode 100644 grove/chash/atsorderedmap_test.go
 create mode 100644 grove/conf/grove.cfg
 create mode 100644 grove/config/config.go
 create mode 100644 grove/diskcache/diskcache.go
 create mode 100644 grove/diskcache/multi.go
 create mode 100644 grove/docker/Dockerfile
 create mode 100755 grove/docker/
 create mode 100644 grove/grove.cfg
 create mode 100644 grove/grove.go
 create mode 100644 grove/grovetccfg/
 create mode 100755 grove/grovetccfg/build/
 create mode 100644 grove/grovetccfg/build/grovetccfg.spec
 create mode 100644 grove/grovetccfg/grovetccfg.go
 create mode 100644 grove/icache/icache.go
 create mode 100644 grove/lru/lru.go
 create mode 100644 grove/memcache/memcache.go
 create mode 100644 grove/plugin/
 create mode 100644 grove/plugin/
 create mode 100644 grove/plugin/ats_log.go
 create mode 100644 grove/plugin/hello_context.go
 create mode 100644 grove/plugin/hello_world.go
 create mode 100644 grove/plugin/http_cacheinspector.go
 create mode 100644 grove/plugin/http_callgc.go
 create mode 100644 grove/plugin/http_memstats.go
 create mode 100644 grove/plugin/http_stats.go
 create mode 100644 grove/plugin/if_modified_since.go
 create mode 100644 grove/plugin/modify_headers.go
 create mode 100644 grove/plugin/modify_parent_request_headers.go
 create mode 100644 grove/plugin/modify_response_headers_global.go
 create mode 100644 grove/plugin/plugin.go
 create mode 100644 grove/plugin/record_stats.go
 create mode 100644 grove/remap.json
 create mode 100644 grove/remap/remap.go
 create mode 100644 grove/remap/rules.go
 create mode 100644 grove/remap/rules_test.go
 create mode 100644 grove/remapdata/remapdata.go
 create mode 100644 grove/stat/stats.go
 create mode 100644 grove/stat/stats_test.go
 create mode 100644 grove/testorigin/testorigin.go
 create mode 100644 grove/thread/getter.go
 create mode 100644 grove/thread/limiter.go
 create mode 100644 grove/tiercache/tiercache.go
 copy LICENSE => grove/vendor/ (58%)
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/vendor/
 create mode 100644 grove/version.go
 create mode 100644 grove/web/cachecontrol.go
 create mode 100644 grove/web/cachecontrol_test.go
 create mode 100644 grove/web/connmap.go
 create mode 100644 grove/web/httptee.go
 create mode 100644 grove/web/listener.go
 create mode 100644 grove/web/util.go

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