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Subject svn commit: r931331 - in /incubator/trafficserver/site/trunk/docs/v2/sdk: LoggingFunctions.html ManagementInterfaceFunctions.html
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 21:10:46 GMT
Author: dianes
Date: Tue Apr  6 21:10:46 2010
New Revision: 931331

More Ts-233 work plus edits and nav link musical chairs.


Modified: incubator/trafficserver/site/trunk/docs/v2/sdk/LoggingFunctions.html
--- incubator/trafficserver/site/trunk/docs/v2/sdk/LoggingFunctions.html (original)
+++ incubator/trafficserver/site/trunk/docs/v2/sdk/LoggingFunctions.html Tue Apr  6 21:10:46
@@ -5,15 +5,28 @@
 <!--#include file="top.html" -->
 <div class="navheader">
 <div class="navprev">
-<a accesskey="p" href="CoupledStatsFunctions.html">Prev</a> - Coupled Statistics</div>
-<div class="navnext">INKTextLogObjectHeaderSet - <a accesskey="n" href="INKTextLogObjectHeaderSet.html">Next</a>
+<a accesskey="p" href="CoupledStatsFunctions.html">Prev</a> - Coupled Statistics
+<div class="navnext">INKTextLogObjectDestroy - <a accesskey="n" href="INKTextLogObjectDestroy.html">Next</a>
 <div id="toc"></div>
 <div class="section" lang="en">
 <div class="titlepage"><div><div><h2 class="title">
 <a name="LoggingFunctions"></a>Logging Functions</h2></div></div></div>
+<li><a href="LoggingFunctions.html#INKTextLogObjectCreate">INKTextLogObjectCreate</a></li>
+<li><a href="INKTextLogObjectDestroy.html">INKTextLogObjectDestroy</a></li>
+<li><a href="INKTextLogObjectFlush.html">INKTextLogObjectFlush</a> </li>
+<li><a href="INKTextLogObjectHeaderSet.html">INKTextLogObjectHeaderSet</a></li>
+<li><a href="INKTextLogObjectRollingEnabledSet.html">INKTextLogObjectRollingEnabledSet</a></li>
+<li><a href="INKTextLogObjectRollingIntervalSecSet.html">INKTextLogObjectRollingIntervalSecSet</a></li>
+<li><a href="INKTextLogObjectRollingOffsetHrSet.html">INKTextLogObjectRollingOffsetHrSet</a></li>
+<li><a href="INKTextLogObjectWrite.html">INKTextLogObjectWrite</a></li>
 <div class="section" lang="en">
 <div class="titlepage"><div><div><h3 class="title">
 <a name="INKTextLogObjectCreate"></a>INKTextLogObjectCreate</h3></div></div></div>
@@ -26,7 +39,7 @@
               *<em class="replaceable"><code>new_logobj</code></em>)</code></p></dd>
 <dt><span class="term"><b>Arguments</b></span></dt>
-<p><code class="code">Const char
+<p><code class="code">const char
               *<em class="replaceable"><code>filename </code></em></code>
is the name of the
               new log file   created in the <code>log</code> directory.
               You can specify a path to a subdirectory within the <code>log</code>
directory (e.g. <code class="code">subdir/filename</code>), but make sure you
@@ -54,9 +67,9 @@
 <p>Creates a custom log for your plugin. Once the log object is
               created, use the  APIs below  to set properties.</p>
 <div class="itemizedlist"><ul type="disc">
-<li><p><code class="code">INKTextLogObjectRollingEnabledSet</code></p></li>
-<li><p><code class="code">INKTextLogObjectRollingIntervalSecSet</code></p></li>
-<li><p><code class="code">INKTExtLogObjectRollingOffsetHrSet</code></p></li>
+<li><a href="INKTextLogObjectRollingEnabledSet.html">INKTextLogObjectRollingEnabledSet</a></li>
+<li><a href="INKTextLogObjectRollingIntervalSecSet.html">INKTextLogObjectRollingIntervalSecSet</a></li>
+<li><a href="INKTextLogObjectRollingOffsetHrSet.html">INKTextLogObjectRollingOffsetHrSet</a></li>
@@ -67,7 +80,7 @@
 <dt><span class="term"><b>Example</b></span></dt>
-<p>Suppose you call:</p>
+<p>Suppose  you call:</p>
 <pre class="programlisting">INKTextLogObjectCreate ("squid" , mode, NULL, &amp;log);</pre>
 <p>If <code class="code"><em class="replaceable"><code> mode </code></em></code>
               <code class="code">INK_LOG_MODE_DO_NOT_RENAME</code>, then you
will <u>not</u> get a new
@@ -81,14 +94,13 @@
               file is opened and logging is resumed at the end of the file. If
               the signatures do not match, then an error is returned.</p>
 <p>If a log object is created <u>without</u> <code class="code">INK_LOG_MODE_DO_NOT_RENAME
</code> <code class="replaceable"> mode </code> and a log with the
-              same file name already exists, then the signature (i.e., the type of log file)
-              is compared. If the signatures of the log files match, then the 
+              same file name already exists, then the signatures are compared. If the signatures
of the log files match, then the 
               pre-existing file is opened and logging is resumed at the end of
-              the file. If the signature does not match, then another file with <code
class="filename">filename_1.log</code> is tried and so on.</p>
-<p><b>Note:</b> The log file signature is the type of log file. Log files
-              be structured/fixed format log files or unstructured/free format
+              the file. If the signatures do not match, then another file with <code class="filename">filename_1.log</code>
is tried and so on.</p>
+<p><b><u>Note</u>:</b> The log file signature indicates   
log file type. Log files can
+              be structured (fixed format) log files or unstructured (free format)
               log files. All free format log files have the same signature,
-              while structured log files have the same structured/fixed format as the signature.</p>
+              while fixed format log files have the same structured (fixed) format as the
 <dt><span class="term"><b>Returns</b></span></dt>

Modified: incubator/trafficserver/site/trunk/docs/v2/sdk/ManagementInterfaceFunctions.html
--- incubator/trafficserver/site/trunk/docs/v2/sdk/ManagementInterfaceFunctions.html (original)
+++ incubator/trafficserver/site/trunk/docs/v2/sdk/ManagementInterfaceFunctions.html Tue Apr
 6 21:10:46 2010
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
 <div class="navheader">
 <div class="navprev">
 <a accesskey="p" href="INKIOBufferWrite.html">Prev</a> - INKIOBufferWrite</div>
-<div class="navnext">Traffic Server Configuration Read Functions - <a accesskey="n"
+<div class="navnext">Configuration Read Functions - <a accesskey="n" href="TEConfigReadFunctions.html">Next</a>
 <div id="toc"></div>
@@ -28,22 +28,22 @@
 <div class="variablelist"><dl>
 <dt><span class="term"><b>Prototype</b></span></dt>
 <dd><p><code class="code">INKReturnCode INKMgmtUpdateRegister (INKCont
-              const char *<i>plugin_name</i>, const char *<i>path</i>)</code></p></dd>
+        const char *<i class="replaceable">plugin_name</i>, const char *<i
 <dt><span class="term"><b>Arguments</b></span></dt>
 <p><code class="code">contp</code> is the continuation to be called back
               if the plugin's configuration is changed. The handler function
-              for this continutation must handle the event
+              for this continuation must handle the event
               <code class="code">INK_EVENT_MGMT_UPDATE</code>.</p>
-<p><code class="code"><i>plugin_name </i></code> is the name
of the plugin. This
+<p><code class="replaceable"><i>plugin_name </i></code> is
the name of the plugin. This
               name must match the name of the plugin specified in your CGI
               form submission for <code class="code">INK_PLUGIN_NAME</code>.</p>
-<p><code class="code"><i>path </i></code> is the location of
the plugin's
+<p><code class="replaceable"><i>path </i></code> is the location
of the plugin's
               interface, relative to the Traffic Server plugin directory (as
               specified by the <code class="filename">records.config</code> variable

               <code class="varname"><i>proxy.config.plugin.plugin_dir</i></code>).
If your
               plugin has a web user interface, then the path should be located in
-              the Traffic Server <code class="code">config</code> directory.
For example, <code class="code"><i>path </i></code>  could be <code
class="code">Blacklist/ui/index.html</code> or
+              the Traffic Server <code class="code">config</code> directory.
For example, <code class="replaceable"><i> path </i></code>  could
be <code class="code">Blacklist/ui/index.html</code> or
               <code class="code">Blacklist/ui/index.cgi</code>.</p>
 <dt><span class="term"><b>Returns</b></span></dt>

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