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Subject svn commit: r1101413 - /trafficserver/site/branches/ats-cms/content/docs/trunk/admin/reverse-proxy-http-redirects/index.en.mdtext
Date Tue, 10 May 2011 11:36:34 GMT
Author: igalic
Date: Tue May 10 11:36:33 2011
New Revision: 1101413

Minor fixes of the markdown


Modified: trafficserver/site/branches/ats-cms/content/docs/trunk/admin/reverse-proxy-http-redirects/index.en.mdtext
--- trafficserver/site/branches/ats-cms/content/docs/trunk/admin/reverse-proxy-http-redirects/index.en.mdtext
+++ trafficserver/site/branches/ats-cms/content/docs/trunk/admin/reverse-proxy-http-redirects/index.en.mdtext
Tue May 10 11:36:33 2011
@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ obtains the content from the origin serv
 Server access to the origin server). The sensitive content resides on the origin 
 server, safely inside the firewall. 
-### How Does Reverse Proxy Work?  ### {#HowDoesReverseProxyWork?}
+### How Does Reverse Proxy Work?  ### {#HowDoesReverseProxyWork}
 When a browser makes a request, it normally sends that request directly to 
 the origin server. When Traffic Server is in reverse proxy mode, it intercepts 
@@ -138,19 +138,23 @@ Traffic Server must construct a proxy re
 In HTTP, proxy requests specify the entire URL whereas server requests specify only the path.
A server request might look like this:
+    :::text
     GET /index.html HTTP/1.0 Host:
 However, the corresponding proxy request would look like this
+    :::text
     GET HTTP/1.0 Host:
 Traffic Server can construct a proxy request from a server request by using the server information
in the host header. However, the correct proxy request must contain the hostname of the origin
server, not the advertised hostname that name servers associate to Traffic Server. The advertised
hostname is the name that appears in the host header; for the origin server ``,
the server request and host header would be:
+    :::text
     GET /index.html HTTP/1.0 Host:
  And the correct proxy request should be
-     GET HTTP/1.0 Host:
+    :::text
+    GET HTTP/1.0 Host:
 To translate `` to ``, Traffic Server 
 needs a set of URL rewriting rules (mapping rules). Mapping rules are described 
@@ -259,6 +263,7 @@ redirects** notify the browser of the UR
 The following permanently redirects all HTTP requests for `` to ``:
+    :::text

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