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Subject svn commit: r1101414 - /trafficserver/site/branches/ats-cms/content/docs/trunk/admin/hierachical-caching/index.en.mdtext
Date Tue, 10 May 2011 11:42:21 GMT
Author: igalic
Date: Tue May 10 11:42:21 2011
New Revision: 1101414

Introduce a little more consistency with the rest of the documents..


Modified: trafficserver/site/branches/ats-cms/content/docs/trunk/admin/hierachical-caching/index.en.mdtext
--- trafficserver/site/branches/ats-cms/content/docs/trunk/admin/hierachical-caching/index.en.mdtext
+++ trafficserver/site/branches/ats-cms/content/docs/trunk/admin/hierachical-caching/index.en.mdtext
Tue May 10 11:42:21 2011
@@ -105,10 +105,7 @@ is needed for the Traffic Server parent 
 ##### Configure Traffic Server to use a parent cache:  ##### {#ConfigureTSuseaparentcache}
-Edit the following variable in `records.config` file located in the Traffic Server `config`
-:   Set this variable to 1 to enable the parent caching option.
+Edit the following variable [_`proxy.config.http.parent_proxy_routing_enable`_](../configuration-files/records.config#proxy.config.http.parent_proxy_routing_enable)
in `records.config` file.
 Edit the [`parent.config`](../configuration-files/parent.config) file located in the Traffic
Server `config` directory to set
 parent proxy rules to specify the parent cache to which you want missed requests to be forwarded;
@@ -163,22 +160,12 @@ must perform the following tasks: 
 ##### To configure Traffic Server to use an ICP cache hierarchy:  ##### {#configureTSuseanICPcachehierarchy}
-Edit the following variables in `records.config` file located in the Traffic Server `config`
-:   0 disables ICP.
-:   1 allows Traffic Server to receive ICP queries only
-:   2 allows Traffic Server to send and receive ICP queries.
-:   This variable specifes the UDP port that you want to use for ICP messages (default is
-:   0 disables ICP multicast.
-:   1 enables ICP multicast.
+Edit the following variables in [`records.config`](../configuration-files/records.config)
-:   This variable specifes the timeout used for ICP queries (default is 2 seconds).
+* [_`proxy.config.icp.enabled`_](../configuration-files/records.config#proxy.config.icp.enabled)
+* [_`proxy.config.icp.icp_port`_](../configuration-files/records.config#proxy.config.icp.port)
+* [_`proxy.config.icp.multicast_enabled`_](../configuration-files/records.config#proxy.config.icp.multicast_enabled)
+* [_`proxy.config.icp.query_timeout`_](../configuration-files/records.config#proxy.config.icp.query_timeout)
 Edit `icp.config` file located in the Traffic Server `config` directory: 
 For each ICP peer you want to identify, enter a separate rule in the [icp.config](../configuration-files/icp.config)

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