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Subject svn commit: r792422 [2/2] - in /websites/staging/trafficserver/trunk/content: docs/search.html downloads.html index.html styles/search.css styles/ts.css styles/ts_front.css v2tov3bugs.en.html
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2011 00:49:57 GMT
Added: websites/staging/trafficserver/trunk/content/v2tov3bugs.en.html
--- websites/staging/trafficserver/trunk/content/v2tov3bugs.en.html (added)
+++ websites/staging/trafficserver/trunk/content/v2tov3bugs.en.html Sat Jul  9 00:49:57 2011
@@ -0,0 +1,465 @@
+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
+<html xmlns=""
+	xml:lang="en" lang="en">
+  <head>
+    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/styles/pygments_style.css" />
+    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/styles/ts.css" />
+    <title>Apache Traffic Server Downloads</title>
+    <!-- Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.  The ASF licenses this file to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the &quot;License&quot;); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at . . Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an &quot;AS IS&quot; BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.  See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. -->
+  </head>
+  <body>
+    <div id="header" class="header">
+      <table><tr>
+      <td><a href=""><img class="logo" alt="Apache Traffic Server" src="/images/trans_logo_350x69.png" /></a></td>
+      <td>
+        <span class="title">Apache Traffic Server Downloads</span>
+      </td>
+      </tr></table>
+    </div><!-- header -->
+      <div class="nav">
+        <span class="nav"><a href="">Home</a></span>
+        <span class="nav"><a href="downloads">Downloads</a></span>
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+        <span class="nav"><a href="">Thanks</a></span>
+      </div>
+  <div class="main">
+    <div id="content">
+      <p>This is a list of all changes from v2.0.0 until the current stable release, v3.0.0.</p>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-827</a>] - <code>TSMimeHdrFieldValueStringInsert()</code> can use freed memory to edit headers</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-825</a>] - negative caching caches responses that should never be cached</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-820</a>] - Restore log buffers to previous defaults</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-818</a>] - Assertion/abort when starting TS with SOCKS proxy enabled</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-798</a>] - <code>traffic_server</code> crash if add non-existent plugin in remap rule</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-810</a>] - Typo in <code></code> for <code>TSHttpTxnConfigFind</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-809</a>] - error when compiling plugin written in C</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-806</a>] - Build problem with multiple "alternative" library directories</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-805</a>] - HostDB wastes a lot of storage for round-robin entries, and the calculations of size are off</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-800</a>] - autoconf warnings with "recent" versions of auto tools</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-797</a>] - Wrong "delete" used in <code>StatProcessor</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-793</a>] - the freelist dump function are not showing the correct values</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-792</a>] - Add a config option (disabled by default) to support <code>mlock()</code> and <code>mlockall()</code>.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-791</a>] - Remove unused shm tools/code</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-789</a>] - PURGE should purge all alternates, no matter what the request headers indicate</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-788</a>] - clean up APIs for setting a request or response as being cacheable</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-787</a>] - disable SSLv2 by default</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-786</a>] - Add a perl module to edit a <code>records.config</code> configuration file</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-784</a>] - Don't use class allocator for remap processing when no remap threads are enabled</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-783</a>] - Port ATS to IA64</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-782</a>] - Remap processor creates a remap thread even when asked not to</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-781</a>] - Remove unusual configurations from the default <code>records.config</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-780</a>] - Retune the number of SSL threads</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-779</a>] - Set thread name for various event types</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-778</a>] - Compile Fails on Solaris 10 (gcc)</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-776</a>] - A few small, simple performance improvements</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-775</a>] - Disable cluster autodiscovery via multicast when clustering is disabled (as is by default)</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-774</a>] - Make it possible for devs to link <code>libtsutil.a</code> statically for various binaries</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-773</a>] - Traffic server has a hard limit of 512 gigabytes per RAW disk partition</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-772</a>] - Make <code>proxy.config.http.doc_in_cache_skip_dns</code> overridable</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-771</a>] - Remove last V1 log buffer support</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-770</a>] - <code>proxy.config.http.doc_in_cache_skip_dns</code> is not being read from <code>records.config</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-769</a>] - traffic server loops forever if the origin sends back a 505 and the connection is <code>keep-alive</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-765</a>] - Make the backdoor port (8084 by default) only listen on "localhost"</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-763</a>] - When creating multiple SSL accept threads, we use the wrong instantiator</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-762</a>] - Range values like -10 are processed wrong</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-761</a>] - can't load more then 3 remap plugins</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-759</a>] - Makefile handles $DESTDIR incorrectly</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-757</a>] - Change <code>TSNetAccept()</code> API to take an option for enabling (and number of) accept threads.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-738</a>] - <code>make check</code> fails on x86</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-679</a>] - Make SDK APIs use struct <code>sockaddr_storage</code> instead of "unsigned int" for IPs</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-562</a>] - Custom paths for <code>zlib</code>, <code>openssl</code>, <code>pcre</code> don't work if in non-standard locations without adding <code>--rpath</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-404</a>] - API to set IP address of origin server avoiding DNS lookup</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-756</a>] - Clean out unused carp from DNS resolver structure and code.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-753</a>] - More cleanup on API checks and return codes</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-752</a>] - cache scan issues</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-751</a>] - Experimental <code>TSHttpTxnCacheLookupStatusSet(HIT_STALE)</code> calls cause a crash</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-750</a>] - TS does not fail-over if one origin server for a 2 address hostname goes down</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-749</a>] - Connection hangs if origin server goes down in the middle of a response</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-748</a>] - Client side transparency doesn't work on trunk.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-746</a>] - Not possible to completel delete e.g. the Query part of a URL via plugins</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-742</a>] - Assert in HTTP tunnel</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-740</a>] - Traffic Server fails to build on kfreebsd</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-739</a>] - Crash in <code>::write</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-737</a>] - Small hackish fix for <code>rc/</code> so <code>rc/trafficserver</code> will work with FreeBSD</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-736</a>] - Crash from stale open directory pointer when cache lock is dropped and reacquired</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-735</a>] - ccache can cause bad builds causing weird segfaults</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-734</a>] - Wrong number of fields in net connection internal stats page</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-731</a>] - Cacheurl plugin</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-728</a>] - Remove <code>--with-webui</code> option from configure (and all <code>#ifdef</code>s)</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-721</a>] - incorrect http hit ratio in stats</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-720</a>] - Remove dependencies on the STL</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-719</a>] - <code></code> is not self-contained</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-716</a>] - Crash in <code>Continuation::handleEvent</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-715</a>] - <code>Apache::TS::AdminClient</code> broken in trunk</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-714</a>] - <code>traffic_shell</code> broken</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-713</a>] - <code>do_io_pread</code> not honoring an offset with single fragment object</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-712</a>] - Fix any compile problems using LLVM / clang</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-704</a>] - oneline patch fixing <code>--disable-static</code> building</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-702</a>] - <code>FATAL: failed assert j &lt; block_count</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-685</a>] - Rename <code>partition.config</code> to volume.config</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-652</a>] - SSL random buffer initialization should be checked</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-633</a>] - SSL Termination <code>reverse_mapping</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-629</a>] - non-portable <code>char</code> vs integer comparisons</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-624</a>] - <code>make install</code> should not overwrite <code>etc/trafficserver/*</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-598</a>] - when using IP address in target OS map, the DNS lookup looks awful</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-550</a>] - Eliminate some uncessary usages of STL on the crititcal path</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-545</a>] - <code>parent.config</code> (and perhaps other configs) have an unused concept of "tags" for MIXT media</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-465</a>] - Need an option to not overwrite existing Server: header</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-212</a>] - Add OpenSolaris support to trafficserver script</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-711</a>] - Don't schedule <code>remap.config</code> reloads on network thread</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-710</a>] - Don't reload plugin remaps (.so's)</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-708</a>] - <code>TsConfig</code> doesn't handle backslashes correctly.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-707</a>] - The random number generator from 1-23-2011 is using the same seed for all threads = collisions in the cache</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-706</a>] - hardware sector sizes over 8K current report an Error but are passed through resulting in lots of disk waste</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-705</a>] - Fail to compile on Fedora testing rawhide</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-700</a>] - Need additional controls in <code>cache.config</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-692</a>] - Allow for setting the source address for the connection to the origin server</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-691</a>] - <code>LogFilter</code> not working</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-690</a>] - Use new <code>ET_TASK</code> thread pool for various background tasks</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-689</a>] - Restore <code>TSMgmtUpdateRegister()</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-684</a>] - <code>config.layout</code> for gentoo linux, may also be used on Fedora</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-682</a>] - <code>traffic_server</code> segfaults when when partitions are setup in <code>partition.config</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-680</a>] - Make SDK opaque types use opaque <code>struct</code>s instead of <code>void*</code> ?</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-676</a>] - Logic wrong in the method of class Store</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-675</a>] - Traffic Server 2.1.5 does not respect redirect directives in <code>remap.config</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-657</a>] - Wrong logic around <code>read_while_writer</code> configuration</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-642</a>] - Setting <code>proxy.config.http.cache.http</code> to 0 does not turn off caching</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-626</a>] - <code>configure</code> doesn't seem to properly honor <code>--with-openssl</code> (for example)</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-609</a>] - Change various internal config containers to use a <code>bool</code> type instead of <code>MgmtInt</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-588</a>] - Cleanup Remap APIs</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-209</a>] - OpenSolaris: Add raw disk support for the cache</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-678</a>] - Should we reduce <code>MUTEX_RETRY_DELAY</code> ?</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-674</a>] - <code>cache.config</code> (and possibly other matches) doesn't seem to honor "suffix" mods</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-673</a>] - Change default to <code>proxy.config.http.cache.required_headers</code> to be more conservative</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-671</a>] - Default install group should be based on install user group membership.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-668</a>] - Add URL stats to <code>traffic_logstats</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-665</a>] - remove <code>HTTP_ASSERT</code>, which is just an alias for <code>ink_release_assert</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-664</a>] - WCCP doesn't build on trunk.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-663</a>] - WCCP: Mask assignment doesn't work.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-662</a>] - All per partition stats for <code>bytes_used</code> are always 0</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-661</a>] - Delay <code>per-txn</code> config copy until SDK requests it.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-660</a>] - Cache scan can not be cancelled</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-655</a>] - Reorganize some code to make some binaries smaller</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-653</a>] - Timestamps in <code></code> are corrupted</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-651</a>] - Clearing stats does not seem to work</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-650</a>] - Remove "v2" stats</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-649</a>] - Try to make libts and <code>libremoteapi.a</code> shared libraries</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-647</a>] - Move Layout to <code>lib/</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-644</a>] - <code>http_ui</code> cache lookup interface will crash <code>traffic_server</code> in full cluster mode</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-640</a>] - Repeated <code>INKInit() / INKTerminate()</code> will leak lots of memory</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-639</a>] - Rename mgmt API from <code>INK*</code> to <code>TS*</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-638</a>] - Unify on one management "cli"</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-637</a>] - Cleanup of old, obsolete source files</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-636</a>] - Remove StatAggregation.(cc|h)</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-635</a>] - <code>tsxs</code> fails to recognize command line switches</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-632</a>] - Wrong cast in POST transforms</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-631</a>] - Rename "v2" directories</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-627</a>] - <code>make check</code> fail in current 2.1.5 release candidate</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-623</a>] - <code>traffic_server</code> segfaults when ascii logging is enabled</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-619</a>] - Zero length body is not cached</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-593</a>] - clean up reference for <code></code>, as much as possible</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-591</a>] - request for suport of IPV6 to Origin Server connections.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-590</a>] - Change many SDK API signatures to be consistent</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-587</a>] - Cleanup logstats, and add JSON</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-583</a>] - Build fails if <code>--disable-webui</code> is added</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-582</a>] - Please provide a commented out example in records.config on how to bind to a specific IP</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-569</a>] - Create a new top level directory for project local libraries.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-568</a>] - Add API calls to directly get the elements of the running version.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-532</a>] - possible misbehavior with HEAD request before GET</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-513</a>] - <code>sqlite3</code> should be detected in any visible place by default (not just <code>/usr</code>)</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-506</a>] - Poor performance on proxied requests which are not cacheable.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-505</a>] - Worse performance when Origin server sends <code>Connection: keep-alive</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-492</a>] - Allow use of client supplied IP address for origin server.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-491</a>] - ports used by Cluser function opened even no clustering</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-489</a>] - Seg Fault with <code>Connection_Collapsing</code> and clustering enabled.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-426</a>] - Document clustering</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-416</a>] - Document README.via ?</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-410</a>] - Regression code should be compile time optional</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-356</a>] - Switch code base to C99 ?</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-307</a>] - Possible performance problem: DNS lookup continuation is using first Network ethread for all operations</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-293</a>] - Changes to Version Name &amp; Min Supported Version</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-276</a>] - Change naming for all include files</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-173</a>] - <code>REGRESSION_RESULT SDK_API_HttpTxnCache: FAILED</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-171</a>] - <code>REGRESSION\_RESULT SDK_API_HttpAltInfo: FAILED</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-71</a>] - Cleanup MODULARIZED: Check the code base for remants of modularized <code>#ifdef</code>s in the code and configuration system.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-622</a>] - <code>traffic_logcat</code> segfaults</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-620</a>] - More 64-bit issues in the SM</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-618</a>] - Eliminate our "custom" atomic assembler</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-616</a>] - Wrong default path for remap plugins (and possibly TSAPI plugins?)</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-615</a>] - Change default for <code>proxy.config.http.cache.when_to_add_no_cache_to_msie_requests</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-614</a>] - Remove remnants from <code>InktoSwitch</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-613</a>] - Is <code>transparency_enabled</code> configuration obsolete?</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-605</a>] - Eliminate <code> configs</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-604</a>] - Ditch home-grown regexp stuff</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-603</a>] - Reduce calls to <code>DFA::match</code> on normal requests</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-601</a>] - Eliminate <code>traffic_net</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-599</a>] - Make some <code>records.config</code> options overridable via plugin APIs</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-597</a>] - when using <code>SplitDNS</code>, the common dns setting is not honored</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-596</a>] - Range: requests not working properly</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-595</a>] - Prepare SDK versions for v3.0</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-594</a>] - Bite the bullet, change <code>int64</code>, <code>int32</code> etc. to use <code>stdint.h</code> types (<code>int64_t</code>, <code>int32_t</code> etc.)</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-589</a>] - Add "tasks" threads and processor</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-586</a>] - <code>make check</code> fails to compile</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-584</a>] - Remove incomplete RAF component.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-580</a>] - server fail assert when dns request does not match any rule from <code>splitdns.config</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-579</a>] - Eliminate string copies in the SDK</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-578</a>] - missing 3xx http status statistic aggregation</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-577</a>] - Is <code>SDKAllocator</code> really necessary? Or can we at least minimize the amount of <code>malloc()</code>s ?</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-576</a>] - Remove <code>stats</code> from <code></code> ?</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-574</a>] - Changes to <code></code> or <code></code> are not forcing <code>make</code> to rebuild the generated files</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-572</a>] - Rename <code>librecords</code> to <code>lib/records</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-571</a>] - Rename <code>libinktomi++</code> to <code>lib/ts</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-570</a>] - <code>SplitDNS</code> schedules on wrong thread when <code>dns_threads &gt; 0</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-566</a>] - Rename <code>TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT</code> option and change default</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-565</a>] - WCCP support should be better intergrated with autoconf.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-560</a>] - ram cache compression should not be done under the partition lock</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-559</a>] - Segfault when forward proxy HTTPS to a host not listening on port 443</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-556</a>] - Remove <code>proxy.config.log.config_file</code> and <code>logs.config</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-555</a>] - Rename all <code>log2</code> configs / stats etc. to just <code>log</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-554</a>] - Fix <code>StatPages</code> to not <code>malloc()</code> unecessarily, and also remove unused code.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-552</a>] - remove Alpha supprt</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-551</a>] - Remove <code>NewCacheVC</code> cruft</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-549</a>] - Do we need <code>proxy.config.system.memalign_heap</code> ?</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-544</a>] - Eliminate <code>proxy.config.http.streaming_connect_attempts_timeout</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-543</a>] - Regression tests segfaults with <code>--enable-debug</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-540</a>] - HTTPS to origin stalls with chunked responses</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-536</a>] - Some more RNI remnants to clean up</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-535</a>] - <code>INKHttpTxnSetHttpRetStatus</code> not honored when an API transaction is reenabled with <code>INK_EVENT_HTTP_ERROR</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-534</a>] - Move <code>TS_VERSION*</code> to <code>ts/ts.h</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-533</a>] - Port traffic server to ARM</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-530</a>] - Add an API for skipping the remap process</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-529</a>] - Re-order <code>pre_remap</code> hook</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-527</a>] - <code>cache.config</code> doesn't work in forward transparent mode.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-526</a>] - Plugin API call to get effective URL for a transaction.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-525</a>] - <code>tsxs</code> needs bash -- make it work with bourne shell</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-522</a>] - Remove pre-v2.0 deprecated APIs</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-521</a>] - Rename all APIs from <code>INK*</code> to <code>TS*</code>.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-520</a>] - Should we rename <code>INKSetCacheUrl()</code> ?</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-515</a>] - eventfd availability not correctly determined on older linux kernels</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-504</a>] - Add plugin APIs to allow for Transaction "private" data</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-503</a>] - Add plugin APIs to allow for Session "private" data</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-483</a>] - Should we return cached <code>Date:</code> header to UA ?</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-479</a>] - Testing new flow</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-474</a>] - Cache key is case sensitive on URL scheme</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-458</a>] - <code>INKCacheKeyHostNameSet</code> and <code>INKCacheKeyDigestSet</code> take unsigned <code>char *</code> and nothing else does</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-456</a>] - Regression test failure <code>INKTransformCreate</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-435</a>] - <code>SplitDNS</code> doesn't work</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-431</a>] - sometimes there is double free crash: <code>ink_freelist_free: trying to free item twice</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-403</a>] - Reduce frequency of "periodic tasks" for logging</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-402</a>] - Add WCCP support</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-396</a>] - Accept Failure / Crash on OS X</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-280</a>] - wish to get a <code>config.layout</code> like the httpd</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-271</a>] - Change the return values of the APIs to be consistent for "success"</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-181</a>] - Auth and ACL cleanup</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-18</a>] - IPv6 support</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-519</a>] - Clustering broke with stats rewrite</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-517</a>] - Cleanup <code>ssl_ports</code>, it's replaced with <code>connect_ports</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-516</a>] - New crasher with status code stats</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-514</a>] - Improve code around <code></code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-512</a>] - Tool to build plugins as per the trafficserver installation / cnfiguration</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-507</a>] - <code>INKUrlHostSet</code> does not work in <code>INK_HTTP_READ_REQUEST_PRE_REMAP_HOOK</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-501</a>] - <code>http.current_server_connections</code> can get way too large</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-500</a>] - Less draconian checks on <code>Content-Length:</code> + <code>Connection: close</code> from origin</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-499</a>] - <code>INKVIONTodoGet()</code> and <code>INKVIONBytesGet()</code> returning obsense values ?</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-497</a>] - Move the "fast" <code>itoa()</code> to <code>ink_string.h</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-496</a>] - Accept thread will "leak" some amount of memory due to proxy allocator</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-495</a>] - <code>HttpSM</code> has an assertion that checks the client URL against the cache URL, which breaks <code>INKSetCacheUrl</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-494</a>] - SSL over ATS sending partial certificate chain</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-493</a>] - Return value from <code>pcre_exec</code> tested incorrectly</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-490</a>] - Multi-hop loop detection is broken</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-486</a>] - Remove all <code>filter.config</code> from code</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-485</a>] - Cleanup API include files.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-482</a>] - Move <code>-DPKGSYSUSER</code> to <code></code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-480</a>] - Unresponsive server can stall ATS</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-473</a>] - Traffic Server keeps crashing the kernel. I have a feeling it has to do with an incorrect cache configuration.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-471</a>] - We don't "set" <code>Content-Length:</code> header properly for &gt; 2^31 values</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-470</a>] - <code>Age:</code> headers &gt; <code>INT_MAX</code> should be capped to 2^31</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-460</a>] - Cleanup <code>Via:</code> string generation</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-459</a>] - Suboptimal Debug statements in <code></code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-457</a>] - WebUI warning at startup</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-452</a>] - Some environment variables (<code>configure</code>) are <code>ATS_</code> instead of <code>TS_</code>, these should be consistent</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-434</a>] - remap/UrlRewrite needs cleanup?</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-427</a>] - Build ATS with clang</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-394</a>] - <code>taffic_server</code> process sig abort in full cluster mode</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-313</a>] - DNS and resolvers improvements</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-62</a>] - Cluster support for large objects and new <code>CacheVConnection</code> interrface: <code>do_io_pread</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-14</a>] - <code>InkAPI</code> is not 64-bit clean</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-455</a>] - Remove remnants of NCA</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-453</a>] - duplicate ram cache hit and miss stats</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-451</a>] - Remove obsolete config options</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-450</a>] - More intel CC compile warnings</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-447</a>] - Duplicated configuration registrations</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-445</a>] - improve performance for large files</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-443</a>] - Cleanup remaining MIXT and LDAP/NTLM junk</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-442</a>] - Cleanup some Makefile /build dependencies.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-441</a>] - Errors and crashes reported on the cache</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-440</a>] - Traffic Server threads will spin under heavy load</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-439</a>] - <code>traffic_shell</code> shows wrong RAM cache size when &gt; 2GB</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-438</a>] - HTTPS "remap" rules don't seem to work after TS-291</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-433</a>] - Reverse proxy doesn't work</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-424</a>] - DNS <code>max-retries</code> inconsistencies</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-423</a>] - Increase default max number of outstanding DNS requests</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-422</a>] - DNS proxy?</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-420</a>] - TS fails to use user ID with user name longer than 8 characters</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-418</a>] - <code></code> has invalid package path, preventing it's use without modification.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-414</a>] - INKHttpTxnPristineUrlGet() returns NULL in reverse proxy mode</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-413</a>] - assert in cache when write buffer contains over 256k of data</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-405</a>] - SSL Termination not working</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-401</a>] - Vestiges of SNMP support should be removed</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-395</a>] - <code>/v2/sdk/HTTPTransactionFunctions.html</code> contains non existant iterfaces - <code>INKHttpTxnSetRespCacheableSet</code> and <code>INKHttpTxnSetReqCacheableSet</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-390</a>] - Make V2 stats system build configurable</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-367</a>] - Remove <code>HAVE_LIBSSL</code> preproc tests because of mandatory openssl requirement</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-355</a>] - Autodetect default network interface</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-330</a>] - cleanup signaling mechanism in eventsystem</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-327</a>] - <code>traffic_manager</code> silently fails to start if <code>proxy.config.cluster.ethernet_interface</code> is incorrect</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-291</a>] - Enable transparent forward proxying</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-224</a>] - Remap plugin chaining is broken and needs cleanup</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-211</a>] - Add FreeBSD support to <code>trafficserver</code> script</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-210</a>] - Add OSX support to <code>trafficserver</code> script</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-63</a>] - <code>InkAPI</code> uses <code>INK_EVENT_IMMEDIATE</code> instead of <code>EVENT_CONT</code> just because they are both 1</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-55</a>] - Logging: Default settings for diagnostic logging</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-43</a>] - <code>INK_BLOCK_SIZE</code> is 512 but drives are moving to 4096 as a native size</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-411</a>] - Eliminate unecessary stats thread</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-400</a>] - Compile ATS with Intel CC (ICC / ICPC)</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-399</a>] - <code>./configure</code> not honoring <code>--*dir</code> options properly</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-397</a>] - Exempt localhost from Quick Filter.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-392</a>] - Support (or remove) <code>WITH_DETAILED_VCONNECTION_LOGGING</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-389</a>] - we are opensource and have layout config, better to drop <code>/etc/trafficserver_root</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-388</a>] - Solaris 10 (x86) 64-bit patch</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-387</a>] - Add disk AIO apis for upload proxy support</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-386</a>] - DNS request results are logged incorrectly.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-385</a>] - logstats does not work with 64-bit changes</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-383</a>] - URL class changes prevents backwards compatible deserialization</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-369</a>] - Add safer <code>strlcat()</code> <code>strlcpy()</code> functions instead <code>strncat()</code>, <code>strncpy()</code> ones</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-365</a>] - Eliminate <code>INKU64</code> etc.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-364</a>] - Remove <code>LLONG</code> from configure system</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-339</a>] - Poor error message when a port is already bound</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-326</a>] - Configure doesn't give a nice error message if tcl-devel is missing</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-325</a>] - <code>./proxy/mgmt2/api2/remote/api_cli_remote</code> not removed on "clean"</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-320</a>] - Do some cleanup on <code>Connection::fast_connect</code> and <code>Connection::bind_connect</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-308</a>] - TS does not support proxy objects with more than 2GB bytes size</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-300</a>] - Binding to outgoing IP does not work</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-267</a>] - Add async plugin APIs for disk io</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-266</a>] - Remove deprecated APIs</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-265</a>] - Deprecated APIs has misleading (wrong?) comments in <code>ts/ts.h</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-247</a>] - Poor error message/handling when attempt to bind port fails</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-156</a>] - Enabling <code>serve_stale_for</code> crashes <code>traffic_server</code> with SRV records enabled crashes</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-144</a>] - in <code>P_EventSystem.h IOCORE_MachineFatal</code> is currently <code>#define</code> to <code>printf()</code>, that can't be right</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-101</a>] - XML Syntax error in <code>navigation_tree.xml</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-76</a>] - <code>CACHE_FRAG_TYPE</code> should not be power of 2 and should not be hardcoded to allow plugin of other protocols.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-67</a>] - <code>INKIOBufferReaderCopy</code>, <code>INKIOBufferWrite</code> and like should probably take <code>void *</code> instead of <code>char *</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-381</a>] - Use access system call instead stat for checking the resource availability</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-379</a>] - <code>host.db</code> is completely "lost"</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-376</a>] - Fix memory alignmet inlies in <code>ink_align.h</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-368</a>] - Possible null pointer dereference</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-366</a>] - Reorganize the <code>configure config.h</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-363</a>] - single user large document transfer rates too slow</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-358</a>] - cleanup portability including using <code>stdint.h</code> e.g. <code>uint64_t</code> instead of <code>inku64</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-352</a>] - Do not allow to run as root user unless explicitly compiled</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-351</a>] - Allow numeric user notation for <code>admin.user_id</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-345</a>] - Use localized <code>apr_foo.m4</code> macros and <code>config.layout</code> system</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-338</a>] - Use POSIX capabilities instead of user ID switching.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-333</a>] - Remove <code>SocketManager::fast_close</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-323</a>] - Cleanup after graduation</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-290</a>] - <code>Content-Type</code> and <code>Content-Language</code> headers may be truncated in body factory responses</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-243</a>] - <code>time_t</code> is an integer under 32 bit FreeBSD, generates build warnings</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-221</a>] - Crash in <code>RemapProcessor::perform_remap</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-220</a>] - Crash in <code>ink_freelist_new()</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-140</a>] - path handling should be relative when there is no leading <code>/</code> in the config.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-97</a>] - Provide sample configuration files</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-75</a>] - dependencies not always working</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-34</a>] - HTTP needs to support &gt; 2GB objects</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-373</a>] - Move example build to a different make tagret</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-342</a>] - Consolidate default layout locations</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-332</a>] - Add an example application template for standalone iocore reference</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-331</a>] - Eliminate <code>#ifdef 0</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-328</a>] - add the example directory into the build and fix and compilation bugs</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-324</a>] - FTP cleanup</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-322</a>] - fix the code so we don't have to compile with <code>-Wno-char-subscripts</code> and <code>-Wno-write-strings</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-319</a>] - Passing NULL as second argument to execv, should be an array</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-296</a>] - Trunk compiles, but cannot start on VPS</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-292</a>] - <code>--enable-standalone-iocore</code> is broken and more generally the iocore modularization needs work</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-286</a>] - Seg fault on startup on OSX inside <code>RecSetRawStatSum</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-285</a>] - EC2 Documentation on AMIs which have been compiled and bundled.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-283</a>] - <code>ts.h</code> does not compile ANSI C due to bool in <code>INKHttpTxnSetHttpRetBody</code> prototype</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-282</a>] - Cleanup to get ATS to compile with gcc 4.5</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-278</a>] - contrib update</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-277</a>] - README update</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-273</a>] - SSL not functioning on "trunk"</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-268</a>] - Crash when remap plugin tries to send a redirect response.</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-264</a>] - Cannot compile with Libev</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-263</a>] - Traffic server dying</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-261</a>] - Use correct logger type and debug tags in mapping lookup</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-260</a>] - Filtering in <code>remap.config</code> is broken</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-252</a>] - seg fault using cache inspector</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-246</a>] - TS does not compile with TCL 8.6 ?</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-245</a>] - Traffic server crashed when configured with min os keep alive connection and debug logging</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-244</a>] - FreeBSD needs <code>-lexecinfo</code> ?</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-239</a>] - Remove 4 non-essential booleans from transaction state</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-226</a>] - OpenSolaris: Need to provide/port atomic ops with Sun Studio compiler suite</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-222</a>] - <code>Cache::open_write</code> should use an options arg for flexability and shoudl allow SYNC writes</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-215</a>] - remove <code>ink_*printf</code> fucntions from <code>libinktomi++</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-206</a>] - libev license</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-196</a>] - Merge Dev branch to trunk</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-180</a>] - Eliminate <code>#ifdef OEM</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-179</a>] - no longer necessary assert causing crash</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-167</a>] - Support <code>InkHttpFetchPage(s)</code> in the TS API</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-158</a>] - cache should not hold parititon lock over callbacks/review locking</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-147</a>] - Reverse Proxy Mode + Cache crashes / Segmentation fault when using HTTPS dynamic pages, Static Fine</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-142</a>] - <code>read_from_middle_of_file</code> is an antique, replaced by pread and not used</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-133</a>] - We need Cache Regressions</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-127</a>] - Add back trace support for other platforms</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-125</a>] - Cannot use user-defined types in typedef of template function</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-124</a>] - Solaris compile requires <code>-D_POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTICS</code></li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-120</a>] - Automatic compression/decompression in the RAM cache</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-114</a>] - <code></code> uses numbers instead of symbols to determine event names</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-93</a>] - permit <code>do_io_write</code> after <code>open_read</code> to enable atomic overwrite of an existing object</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-89</a>] - NNTP remnants</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-50</a>] - FreeBSD support</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-49</a>] - libev based polling infrastructure</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-48</a>] - Change all regex code to use PCRE</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-22</a>] - Collect common defines into global configuration header</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-11</a>] - Solaris port</li>
+<li>[<a href="">TS-2</a>] - OSX port</li>
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