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Subject svn commit: r1771054 - /trafficserver/site/trunk/content/logbuilder/index.html
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2016 22:00:02 GMT
Author: mlibbey
Date: Wed Nov 23 22:00:02 2016
New Revision: 1771054

xid isn't a valid custom log field in production versions


Modified: trafficserver/site/trunk/content/logbuilder/index.html
--- trafficserver/site/trunk/content/logbuilder/index.html (original)
+++ trafficserver/site/trunk/content/logbuilder/index.html Wed Nov 23 22:00:02 2016
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ var names = new Array("");
 var init_id = 0;
 var selected_id = 0;
 var welf_example = "id=firewall time=\\\"%<cqtd> %<cqtt>\\\" fw=%<phn>
pri=6 proto=%<cqus> duration=%<ttmsf> sent=%<psql> rcvd=%<cqhl> src=%<chi>
dst=%<shi> dstname=%<shn> user=%<caun> op=%<cqhm> arg=\\\"%<cqup>\\\"
result=%<pssc> ref=\\\"%<{Referer}cqh>\\\" agent=\\\"%<{user-agent}cqh>\\\"
cache=%<crc> ";
-var squid_example = "%<cqtq> %<ttms> %<chi> %<crc>/%<pssc>
%<psql> %<cqhm> %<cquc> %<caun> %<phr>/%<pqsn> %<psct>
+var squid_example = "%<cqtq> %<ttms> %<chi> %<crc>/%<pssc>
%<psql> %<cqhm> %<cquc> %<caun> %<phr>/%<pqsn> %<psct>";
 var allOptions = new Array();
 allOptions['fsiz'] = new Array(false, "The size of the file (n bytes) as seen by the origin
server. ", "4096");
 allOptions['cquup'] = new Array(false, "The client request unmapped URL path. This field
records a URL path before it is remapped (reverse proxy mode).", "/foo/bar");
@@ -62,7 +62,6 @@ allOptions['caun'] = new Array(false, "T
 allOptions['cqup'] = new Array(false, "The client request URL path; specifies the argument
portion of the URL (everything after the host). For example, if the URL is,
then this field displays /images/x.gif", "/foo/bar.php");
 allOptions['cqtd'] = new Array(false, "The client request timestamp. Specifies the date of
the client request in the format yyyy-mm-dd, where yyyy is the 4-digit year, mm is the 2-digit
month, and dd is the 2-digit day.", "2012-07-18");
 allOptions['cqu'] = new Array(false, "The universal resource identifier (URI) of the request
from client to Traffic Server (subset of cqtx ). See the description of cqtx for behaviour
in reverse proxy mode.", "");
-allOptions['xid'] = new Array(false, "Accelerator ID", 742938330);
 allOptions['crat'] = new Array(false, "The client Retry-After time in seconds, if specified
by the origin.", 30);
 function addToLog(id, name, needsInput) {
     if ( id == 0 ) { id = selected_id; }

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