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Message list1 · 2 · Next »Thread · Author · Date [trafficserver] branch master updated: url_sig debug fix for when url is missing the signature query string Fri, 05 Apr, 16:22 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: Cleanup frame debug msg Mon, 08 Apr, 02:58 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Fix mysql-remap compilation error Mon, 08 Apr, 03:00 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: Fix test_QUICLossDetector Mon, 08 Apr, 05:36 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: Fix test_QUICPacketFactory & test_QUICVersionNegotiator Mon, 08 Apr, 05:59 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Some tidying up of the global namespace. Mon, 08 Apr, 14:25 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Setting the correct directory for test_Cache Mon, 08 Apr, 16:39 [trafficserver] branch master updated: url_sig: fixed unit-test for remapped url. Mon, 08 Apr, 17:06 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Fixed cache test, using updated shutdown Mon, 08 Apr, 19:27 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Adds a missing header field for the tcpinfo log Mon, 08 Apr, 23:45 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: Add HTTP/3 support to traffic_quic cmd Tue, 09 Apr, 07:16 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Changed how current age is determined to age out documents. Guaranteed freshness was being used innapropriately when the docs age was already beyond that value Tue, 09 Apr, 15:49 [trafficserver] branch master updated (2c3dd8d -> c1f8435) Tue, 09 Apr, 21:14 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Remove unused variable in cache test Tue, 09 Apr, 21:41 [trafficserver] branch 8.1.x updated (8e4b38c -> c4fce1b) Tue, 09 Apr, 21:48 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: Fixed compilation with ubuntu 18.04 Wed, 10 Apr, 00:31 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: Fix unit tests using QUICTLS Wed, 10 Apr, 04:52 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: Ran clang-format Wed, 10 Apr, 04:59 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Fixed pthread mutex init issue with cache test Wed, 10 Apr, 18:41 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Adds cache alterante update tests Wed, 10 Apr, 20:48 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Fixed cache RWW test crash Wed, 10 Apr, 20:49 [trafficserver] branch 8.1.x updated: Correct interpretation of proxy.config.ssl.client.verify.server Wed, 10 Apr, 20:52 [trafficserver] branch 8.1.x updated: Fix lost pending_actions causing actions on stale objects. Thu, 11 Apr, 17:42 [trafficserver] branch 8.1.x updated: Updated Changelog Thu, 11 Apr, 17:57 [trafficserver] branch 8.1.x updated: Update documentation for SSL VERIFY hooks. Thu, 11 Apr, 18:09 [trafficserver] branch 8.1.x updated (4734a95 -> 82eee33) Thu, 11 Apr, 20:01 [trafficserver] branch 8.1.x updated: Revert "Fixes some places where refactoring was not complete" Thu, 11 Apr, 22:40 [trafficserver] branch 8.1.x updated: Updated Changelog Thu, 11 Apr, 22:59 [trafficserver] branch 8.1.x updated: Add hooks for outbound TLS start and close. Thu, 11 Apr, 23:26 [trafficserver] branch 8.1.x updated (a6ce406 -> 8fa1579) Thu, 11 Apr, 23:59 [trafficserver] branch 8.1.x updated: Updated Changelog Fri, 12 Apr, 00:01 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated (3c27f60 -> c3fcccb) Fri, 12 Apr, 02:03 [trafficserver] branch quic-18 created (now 3c27f60) Fri, 12 Apr, 02:23 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated (c3fcccb -> 6395120) Fri, 12 Apr, 06:34 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: Update tests for H3 Fri, 12 Apr, 07:05 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated (31f60ad -> 2380776) Fri, 12 Apr, 07:46 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Fix reason tag of traffic_ctl host Fri, 12 Apr, 14:14 [trafficserver] branch 8.1.x updated (15cd18e -> 6dc9b9c) Fri, 12 Apr, 16:38 [trafficserver] branch 8.1.x updated: TCL: Remove TCL dependency from Alarms Fri, 12 Apr, 16:56 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Corrected usage of OpenSSL API for ec and ecpf list retrieval. Now the signature is valid without additional length bytes accounted for signature. Fri, 12 Apr, 17:47 [trafficserver] branch 8.1.x updated: TCL: Remove TCL depedency from mgmt Fri, 12 Apr, 19:54 [trafficserver] branch 8.1.x updated: TCL: Remove TCL dependency from proxy/logging Fri, 12 Apr, 19:59 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Fix IntrusiveHashMap active bucket list corruption issue during expansion. Sat, 13 Apr, 19:00 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Update plugin API type conversions to support enums automatically. Sat, 13 Apr, 19:01 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Ignore unsupported HTTP/2 settings parameters Sun, 14 Apr, 23:45 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: Add keylog support on QUIC client Sun, 14 Apr, 23:47 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: Add @HWLOC_LIBS@ to LDADD for HTTP/3 check programs Mon, 15 Apr, 00:29 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: QUIC: Uses unidirectional stream to send HTTP3 SETTINGS frames Mon, 15 Apr, 01:03 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: Fix a strange link issue in unit tests on release build Mon, 15 Apr, 02:49 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: Add stubs for http3 unit tests Mon, 15 Apr, 07:17 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: Fix a wrong path for libhttp2.a Mon, 15 Apr, 07:26 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Strip token from upstream if conifigured and dynamically allocate string buffers Mon, 15 Apr, 15:27 [trafficserver] branch master updated: docs for schedule api Mon, 15 Apr, 18:44 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Fix HostDBReverseTest unitilization sa_family, remove LRAND48 and SRAND48 for C++11 random. Mon, 15 Apr, 22:33 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Fix false collapsing of reverse DNS requests. Mon, 15 Apr, 22:44 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Cleanup: Use internal linkage for functions which are only needed in Mon, 15 Apr, 23:25 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Adds basic version feature for traffic_layout info Tue, 16 Apr, 00:30 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Ran CPP check on a few files while prodding around Tue, 16 Apr, 00:31 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: Add stateless reset reasons on debug log Tue, 16 Apr, 03:51 [trafficserver] branch master updated: fix proxy.config.hostdb.timeout default Tue, 16 Apr, 16:15 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Fixes the Brotli build issues Tue, 16 Apr, 17:31 [trafficserver] branch 7.1.x updated: Fix build issues on modern macOS for LuaJIT Wed, 17 Apr, 04:48 [trafficserver] branch quic-latest updated: Print destination addresses and ports of received packets Wed, 17 Apr, 07:04 [trafficserver] branch master updated: A recipient MUST ignore If-Modified-Since if the request contains an If-None-Match header field, about rfc Thu, 18 Apr, 00:14 [trafficserver] branch master updated: -H "xdebug: probe" injects trace of headers into response body Thu, 18 Apr, 22:27 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Update Thu, 18 Apr, 22:28 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Fixed bugs, added tests, and make the output match more like traffic_via. Thu, 18 Apr, 22:31 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Add more information to diags.log error message for block stitching errors. Fri, 19 Apr, 17:46 [trafficserver] branch master updated: fix proxy.config.cache.ram_cache.algorithm desc Mon, 22 Apr, 02:41 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Fix a build error in xdebug on macos Mon, 22 Apr, 06:14 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Throttling results in tight loop if there are no new connections Tue, 23 Apr, 05:09 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: fix issue found in Tue, 23 Apr, 11:03 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: Use initialization list instead of assigning in constructor body Tue, 23 Apr, 14:14 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: Fixed various issues with SSL files Wed, 24 Apr, 01:02 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Change to C++ style pointer casting Wed, 24 Apr, 01:10 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: fixes issues in ink_uuid.h (BROKEN) Wed, 24 Apr, 01:15 [trafficserver] branch master updated (1b84e2a -> 41ce635) Wed, 24 Apr, 01:16 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: fixes issues found for plugins/compress Wed, 24 Apr, 01:49 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: Change to C++ style pointer casting in Wed, 24 Apr, 02:23 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: fixes issues found in proxy/logging Wed, 24 Apr, 02:42 [trafficserver] branch master updated (4260241 -> c29d8d8) Wed, 24 Apr, 02:45 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: Fixes issues found in async_http_fetch_streaming Wed, 24 Apr, 02:48 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: Minimize variable scopes and use different names to not shadow others Wed, 24 Apr, 02:52 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: Reduces variable scope for files in mgmt/... Wed, 24 Apr, 02:57 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: Reduce the scope of the variable 'netvc' Wed, 24 Apr, 02:58 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Removes non-existent include dir reference Wed, 24 Apr, 03:01 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: fixes issues found for tests in proxy/http Wed, 24 Apr, 03:05 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: fixes issues found for plugins/background_fetch Wed, 24 Apr, 03:06 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: fixes issues found in example/thread_pool Wed, 24 Apr, 03:39 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck fix for iocore/dns Wed, 24 Apr, 04:01 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Removes priorities for AIOs, thanks oknet Wed, 24 Apr, 04:02 [trafficserver] branch master updated: correct config name for proxy.config.dns.connection_mode Wed, 24 Apr, 06:04 [trafficserver] branch master updated: Fixes clang-analyzer error dereferencing nullptr in parent Wed, 24 Apr, 06:31 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: minimize variable scopes Wed, 24 Apr, 06:38 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: Remove an unused private function Wed, 24 Apr, 06:39 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: fixes issue found in proxy/ Wed, 24 Apr, 06:58 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: fixes issues fround in example/remap Wed, 24 Apr, 07:55 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: fixes issues found in example/protocol Wed, 24 Apr, 07:56 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: Fix various issues of Http2ConnectionState Wed, 24 Apr, 08:08 [trafficserver] branch master updated: cppcheck: Fix various issues of Http2DependencyTree Wed, 24 Apr, 08:08
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