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From Jason <>
Subject EC2 AMI of Apache TrafficServer
Date Sat, 20 Mar 2010 18:34:53 GMT
I've provided a public EC2 AMI that anyone with an EC2 account can spin up.
 It's a bare bones install based on the latest Karmic Canonical EC2
Kernel/Images and should prove popular in time.

I'll take care of the Storage/bandwidth charges for now.

Currently it only exists on the us-east-1a datacenter and i'll be seeding it
to the other datacenters (automated) worldwide soon.

By having ATS on EC2 it should bring in additional user/dev traffic :-)

Have at it friends!

I sent this readme to Miles earlier but figured it would be useful to
re-paste it here.


Apache TrafficServer AMI for EC2
Provided for public consumption by Jason Giedymin

AMI Info:
Version Stamp: v20100320.1269107596
AMI (Instance): ami-d911feb0
AKI (Kernel):   aki-5f15f636
ARI (RAM disk): ari-d5709dbc
Availability Zones: us-east-1a (more to come)
Architecture: i386 (x64 coming shortly)

 - Base Karmic i386 Server from Canonical's release AMI
 - Java6 Runtime (SUN/Oracle, and you could replace this with openjdk)
 - Canonical us.east source list (appended to base list)
 - Apache TrafficServer Trunk as of 3/20/2010 (run via 'sudo trafficserver

Install Scripts (which are part of trunk/contrib)
 - Located in /home/ubuntu (the base Canonical login user)
 - Scripts will self-update against trunk upon reboot
 - Scripts will self-update against trunk upon every use.

How to use:
 - launch instance
 - run /home/ubuntu/ats/

>From the readme in /home/ubuntu/ats/:
There are two scripts in this directory:
 - : the script you want to run.
 - : This script installs the Apache TrafficServer.
 Do not run it directly.  Run
 - : This script will set certain settings for Apache
TrafficServer.  The file also contains commented settings which may be
usefull such as SMP enabled machines.  This script should only be run
immediately after the install of ATS.  Do not run it multiple times (for the
time being) as it does a dumb echo for some settings.  Do not run this
directly.  Run

Note: Both these scripts while in the ubuntu user directory require SUDO or
root privleges to use. I'll make this easier in the next release.
Note: These scripts are self healing and will 'try' to get they're recent
copy from SVN trunk. I'll make this easier in the next release.

Thanks for reading!

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