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From Moshe Kaplan <>
Subject Traffic Server Configuration
Date Sun, 21 Mar 2010 22:55:22 GMT

I tried to configure Apache Traffic Server (ATS) as a reverse proxy on port
The server but built from scratch from the SVN. I did not implement any

1. I set a reverse proxy rule in
Note: I created either a rule for port 8080 and using the server DNS name.

2. I verified that the proxy.config.reverse_proxy.enabled parameter was set
to 1 in /usr/local/src/ats/proxy/config/records.config

3. I changed the listening port from 8080 to 80 in

4. I both restarted the ATS and run /usr/local/bin/traffic_line -x

1. When I called netstat -na I found that no service was listening to port
80. Moreover, the ATS was listening to port 8080 and to several other 808X
2. When I surfed to port 8080, no response was received from server (neither
404, 5XX or 2XX).

Can you help me with these issues in order to enable ATS as reverse proxy,

Best Regards,
Moshe Kaplan

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