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Subject Asynchronous refresh
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2011 13:15:27 GMT

is it possible to refresh/revalidate the cache asynchronously?
That means if a client triggers a refresh of an object stored in the cache, 
could this request be served (with old data) from the cache and the 
refresh done in the background?

Actually I'm not using traffic server but I need to know it traffic server could do this.
Most caching proxy servers stale the client until data from the backend are retrieved.

Why I need this:
The backend could take some time to render the data.
On a refresh I don't want that a user have to wait that long.

"Common" workarounds like putting two caches in series seems not useful
because the same problem exists. The middle proxy would stale the frontend 

Purging and "warming up the cache" using PURGE + GET 
reguests is really complex and would not be necessary if the async 
refreshing would be somehow possible.

Do you know any other caching reverse proxy software that can do that?
I did not test it but from the docs and IRC it seems Varnish, Ngnix, apache 
Webser can't do that and do block on refresh. At least I know squid can't do it.

Thanks in advance,
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