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From Leif Hedstrom <>
Subject Re: Questions before researching a move from squid
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2011 17:23:54 GMT
On 01/03/2011 03:43 PM, Kingsley Foreman wrote:
> Thanks John, they are the 2 show stoppers anyway,
> Do you know if there is much chance of the 206 behaviour changing eventually to allow
smarter retrieval, eg if it does a 206 lookup on a file that is cached as a full 200 to lookup
part of the file only rather then a whole new file?

Note sure I understand this, but, if the object is cached in full, we 
will serve 206 range responses just fine out of cache. Eric has made 
some improvements too, which are on trunk. The problem is that, afaik 
(ebalsa knows this best) is that we don't cache partial objects.

To comment on your other questions:

3) ICP is "supported", but I think it's currently broken. IMO, our 
clustering feature is vastly superior to ICP anyways.

4) ESI is (partially)  implemented at Yahoo as a TS plugin. I don't know 
if they will release it as open source or not. Their implementation is 
actually pretty nice, e.g. it will make parallel fetches of components 
(compared to Varnish for example, which afaik will fetch each component 


-- leif

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