I take it you mean the workloads and contents files? If so, I've attached them if not what configuration do you mean? I forgot to say that I've run the same test against another proxy and the results were what was expected.

In case I'm missing an argument from the actual polygraph commands, I'm using the following within some bash scripts:

polygraph-server --cfg_dirs $POLYINCLUDE --config workloads/$workload --verb_lvl 10 --log server-$$.log --dump errs --unique_world no --local_rng_seed 201 >> $LOG_FILE 2>&1 &


polygraph-client --proxy $PROXY --cfg_dirs $POLYINCLUDE --config workloads/$workload --verb_lvl 10 --log client-$$.log --dump errs --ign_bad_cont_tags yes --unique_world no --local_rng_seed 101 >> $LOG_FILE 2>&1 &


On 8 September 2011 19:33, John Plevyak <jplevyak@gmail.com> wrote:

What was the polygraph configuration?


On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 7:22 AM, Adam Jefferiss <ajefferiss@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,

I'm using Polygraph [1] to run some performance tests against 3.1.0 and wondered if anyone can suggest why I'm seeing low hit ratios. According to the results client side hit ratios are offered at 21.73% while the measured ratio is just 9.63%. The measured result is decreasing through the test though (see attached image), which is my main point of concern. 

Settings from my records.conf and storage.conf are below, if anyone can suggest any config changes that would help it'd be much appreciated.


Cache settings in my records.config:

# grep -i cache records.config | grep -v '#'
CONFIG proxy.config.http.uncacheable_requests_bypass_parent INT 1
CONFIG proxy.config.http.down_server.cache_time INT 300
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.http INT 1
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.ignore_client_no_cache INT 0
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.ims_on_client_no_cache INT 1
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.ignore_server_no_cache INT 0
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.ignore_client_cc_max_age INT 0
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.cache_responses_to_cookies INT 1
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.ignore_authentication INT 0
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.cache_urls_that_look_dynamic INT 1
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.enable_default_vary_headers INT 0
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.when_to_revalidate INT 0
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.when_to_add_no_cache_to_msie_requests INT -1
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.required_headers INT 0
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.max_stale_age INT 604800
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.range.lookup INT 1
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.heuristic_min_lifetime INT 3600
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.heuristic_max_lifetime INT 86400
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.heuristic_lm_factor FLOAT 0.10
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.fuzz.time INT 240
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.fuzz.probability FLOAT 0.005
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.vary_default_text STRING NULL
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.vary_default_images STRING NULL
CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.vary_default_other STRING NULL
CONFIG proxy.config.cache.permit.pinning INT 0
CONFIG proxy.config.cache.ram_cache.size INT 104857600
CONFIG proxy.config.cache.ram_cache_cutoff INT 4194304
CONFIG proxy.config.cache.ram_cache.algorithm INT 0
CONFIG proxy.config.cache.ram_cache.compress INT 0
CONFIG proxy.config.cache.limits.http.max_alts INT 5
CONFIG proxy.config.cache.target_fragment_size INT 1048576
CONFIG proxy.config.cache.max_doc_size INT 0
CONFIG proxy.config.cache.enable_read_while_writer INT 0
CONFIG proxy.config.cache.min_average_object_size INT 8000
CONFIG proxy.config.cache.threads_per_disk INT 8
CONFIG proxy.config.cache.mutex_retry_delay INT 2

My storage.config has:

/var/trafficserver 10000MB