Dear Y'all - 

I have ATS running fine on one server, but not on the other.  

We have a vanilla configuration except for a change to records.conf.  The entry on the working instance is:

CONFIG proxy.config.proxy_name STRING

And the broken one is:

CONFIG proxy.config.proxy_name STRING

Both machines have A records in DNS.

We also added records to remap.config.  The following is a sample from the working instance:

map_with_referer *

and on the broken instance:

map_with_referer * is a cname to, and is a cname to

We also changed the following on both as per the comment:

   # To enable forward proxy, you must turn off remap_required
CONFIG proxy.config.url_remap.remap_required INT 0

Some advice on debugging would be appreciated as well.

  - Billy

William Goedicke
President, Brant-Interactive LLC

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