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From Jack Bates <>
Subject Send access log entries to script?
Date Sun, 13 May 2012 14:29:50 GMT
What's the easiest way for a script to be notified of Traffic Server 
"events" (access log entries)?

I'm interested in maintaining some real time statistics about client 
machines, so instead of analyzing log files in batches, I want to 
maintain, e.g. running totals of traffic for each client machine (we run 
Traffic Server as a forward proxy, so there are a manageable number of 
client machines)

I know I can write a plugin and register hooks for event notification. I 
was also thinking of configuring Traffic Server to log to a socket or 
pipe. Finally I was thinking of using log collation: Configure 
proxy.config.log.collation_mode to send access log entries to my 
listening script. Are there any libraries for scripting languages to 
handle Traffic Server log collation protocol?

What is the easiest approach? Essentially I want some custom Python code 
to run whenever an access log entry is logged

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