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From kgardenia42 <>
Subject Interrupted pipeline
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2012 16:48:04 GMT
If I pipeline (say) 10 requests to TS and for some reason the 4th one
gets a "Connection: close" from the upstream then at the moment (TS:
3.0.3-1ubuntu2~svn1226703~lucid) I'm seeing cases where the close
seems to propagate to the client connection and the rest of the
pipeline is aborted/lost.

Would that be expected behaviour?  I expect it is and I realize that
this is the classic problem with pipelining and that a well behaved
client needs to be able to recover from this.  However, I am wondering
if there is any setting/option whereby TS itself can deal with this
scenario in a way the client can remain dumb and just expect to get 10
responses back (wrt. the above example).

For example, TS could notice the "connection: close" and either buffer
the response so it can send a Content-Length or send it chunked and
then carry on with the remainder of the pipelined requests.  I realize
that this my be undesirable as a default behaviour but it would be a
useful option for my case.

Does such a setting exist?  Or otherwise can anyone suggest any way
that I can get the behaviour outlined above with TS?


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