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From Leif Hedstrom <>
Subject Re: cache remove url and bnull-transform
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2013 15:51:40 GMT
On 1/15/13 3:08 AM, Geert Lugtenberg wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a question and a problem. First the question: how do I remove a 
> cache entry using the TS api, using the url? I know it is possible to do a 
> PURGE request, but I’d like to immediately remove a url from the cache 
> without a request, or I am not understanding how the cache works properly?

So, the APIs for cache manipulation generally don't support dealing with the 
HTTP cache (because of the way it's laid out, HTTP objects are actually 
multiple objects in the cache). That much said, I suspect you can use the 
cache APIs to remove the "header" portion for a URL, which effectively makes 
that URL inaccessible in the cache. The safest way to do this though is 
using TSHttpConnect and PURGE.

There are RFEs to add proper APIs to directly manipulate the HTTP cache as well.

> Second, I am using the buffered null transform plugin that comes with 
> traffic server 3.2.0 to do a transformation on response content. When I 
> enable the bnull-transform plugin right out of the package (so no 
> transformation), on some websites it goes into an infinite loop after the 
> handle_transform function. The infinite loop is not in the bnull-transform 
> plugin but somewhere in Traffic Server, but I can’t find where. Anyone 
> else had this problem/can reproduce it? (try surfing the mapped website a 
> bit until you get the infinite loop)

Not sure. I remember seeing a few bugs related to the NULL transform. Have 
you looked in Jira? Also, which version of ATS are you using?

- Leif

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