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From Tomasz Kuzemko <>
Subject Parent caching
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 16:40:39 GMT
Hello all,

I am using ATS as a reverse proxy. My setup looks like this:

<Internet> --> <ATS> ---> <backend01>
                     |---> <backend02>
                     |---> <backend03>

Since load balancer plugin is broken, I am using parent caching with 
multiple parents to balance between backends, for example:

dest_ip= parent=";;" 
round_robin=true  go_direct=false

Now I would like to use a different set of parents for the same dest_ip 
but for different port/scheme (for https offloading). In the docs I have 
read about secondary specifiers. So I tried:

dest_ip= port=80 parent=";;" 
round_robin=true go_direct=false
dest_ip= port=443 parent=";;" 
round_robin=true go_direct=false

But this is not working. The rule which is second always takes 
precedence for the given dest_ip. Is this a bug or am I doing something 

Best regards,
Tomasz Kuzemko

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