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From deepak srinivasan <>
Subject Cache Full Scenario
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2013 11:00:40 GMT

I am trying to test what happens to the cache when it becomes full. I have
two questions.

i) I have noticed that a certain size of cache (near to 64 MB) is reserved
for some other processes and doesnt get filled up. i.e. if i set the size
of cache as 74 MB in storage.config, the cache fills upto 10 MB and doesnt
increase in size any further no matter how many requests i hit. Is this
understanding correct.

ii) I used the sample "" plugin and i filled the cache upto
to its max capacity (in this case that 10 MB). It took 2500 requests to
fill the cache. I was able to fetch all objects from cache till only 2400
requests were hit. However when the number of requests went to 2500, i
could not retrieve first 1000-1200 objects from cache. Can anyone tell me
why is this happening, and what am i missing. I caching objects of size 1.5
KB and have given the minimum cache object size as 500.

Thanking you in advance

Graduate (Fresher)
Electronics Design and Manufacturing
IIIT (D&M),Kancheepuram
IIT Madras Campus,Chennai

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