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From Johan Caripson <>
Subject Create summary log file of TCP_HIT and TCP_MISS
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 13:09:07 GMT

I have some problem with creating summary log file when i apply a log
What i want to do is create a summary log every minute for all TCP_HIT and
summary file for all TCP_MISS.
Here is my logs_xml.config.

  <Name = "mydomain.com_TCP_MISS"/>
  <Format = "%<COUNT(*)> : %<SUM(psql)>"/>
  <Interval = "60"/>

    <Name = "select_all_tcp_miss"/>
    <Condition = "pssc MATCH TCP_MISS"/>
    <Action = "ACCEPT"/>

        <Format = "mydomain.com_TCP_MISS"/>
       <Filename = "mydomain.com_TCP_MISS"/>
  <ServerHosts = ""/>
<Filters = "select_all_tcp_miss"/>

error msg

[Feb 26 14:07:53.121] Server {0x2b1032ec7f30} WARNING: There were invalid
values in the definition of filter select_all_tcp_miss only 0 out of 1
values will be used.
[Feb 26 14:07:53.121] Server {0x2b1032ec7f30} WARNING: "TCP_MISS" does not
specify any valid values; cannot create filter select_all_tcp_miss.
[Feb 26 14:07:53.122] Server {0x2b1032ec7f30} WARNING: Filter
select_all_tcp_miss not in the global filter list; cannot add to this

What i'm doing wrong?


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