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From Jan-Frode Myklebust <>
Subject setting records per site or src ?
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2013 11:12:43 GMT
We're running ATS in reverse proxy mode, as edge servers for several
websites. One problem we've had is that we have a bunch of
settop-boxes that are sending "cache-controls max-age=0" for every
request, so we turned on
proxy.config.http.cache.ignore_client_no_cache to work around this

Now another problem is that we have an application that gets a POST,
and woun't return a 200 OK until the server has processed this POST.
This processing can take some time, so we seem to be hitting
proxy.config.http.transaction_no_activity_timeout*=30 and probably
need to increase these to 120.

Our ATS's are edge servers for several sites, and it seems a bit bad
to be setting each of these globally, instead of as fixed for each web
application that has problems with the defaults. Are there any way of
setting these either on a per-virtual-host basis, or on a per
client-source-range basis ?


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